Friday, July 08, 2005

Anarchists and Bombers : Perfect Together !

The unofficial toll from yesterday’s London bombings is now 51 dead;at least 500 injured-some so seriously they may die.

Before the dust had settled,and while the dying were still being carried out,the Left Wing Extremists in Britain ,and here in the United States had already worked out a “party line”,and had begun chanting it in close harmony:demonstrating yet again their solidarity with Islamic terrorism.

It was,they said,all Britain’s fault : a clear case of chickens coming home to roost.

Britons had supported Tony Blair’s re-election bid-just as Americans had supported that of George Bush: thereby endorsing a cruel policy of violence against the suffering people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

There was even a post on the Democratic Underground website,which suggested President Bush had staged the attack - to distract the world from the ongoing investigation of his political advisor-Karl Rove !

It is worth noting,once the bombings began in London, a strange event transpired in Scotland,where the leaders of the 8 most powerful Western nations were conducting the G8 Summit.

Thousands of wildly violent Left Wing demonstrators - who had mounted a virtual siege of the Summit ; who had tied up 10,000 police officers ; who had caused numerous injuries, wide-spread property damage, and the blockage of major roadways -suddenly melted away-just like that !

“Starving Africans ? Who cares about those bloody Africans ?”

It is almost irresistible to conclude the real purpose of their demonstrations was to create a diversion,so the bombings could be accomplished.

Notable Left Wing Groups Represented at G8 Summit
The Wombles
The Black Bloc
The G8 Alternatives,com_weblinks/catid,2/Itemid,137/lang,/
Note: As soon as the bombs began going off in London,these groups-which had tied up 10,000 police officers with days of tumultous rioting,just "faded away".
Does anyone seriously doubt there was a connection ?


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