Wednesday, July 13, 2005

BBC, The Mickey Moore Club,and Bill Clinton's Excellent Adventure

There was quite a bit of consternation at BBC yesterday: What on earth does one call chaps who set off bombs on one’s Transport Services – killing , maiming,and terrorizing one’s fellow Britons ?

One can’t very well call them "terrorists". It’s much too…judgmental, and lacks that fine objectivity BBC has always displayed.

"But Sir Nigel : One must call them something !"

"Oh, very well. Let us call them… bombers. No, make that "alleged bombers".

Good show,chaps !

I decided, after perusing BBC,to go from the sublime to the ridiculous (or was it the other way around ?)
In any event, I visited the "Mickey Moore Club".

Michael Moore has his own website: a daily web page on which he can vent his hatred of President Bush,and his contempt for his fellow Americans.( I call it the "Mickey Moore Club".)

Today Michael pronounced a loud " Aha !" over a British Police report indicating the explosives used in the London bombings were of "military grade".

I’m sure he will soon tell us the explosions were really a plot by President Bush to divert attention from criticism of Karl Rove: the President’s outspoken political adviser.

Michael also expressed indignation over a temporary ban our military had placed on visits by military dependents to London .

Michael said the ban didn’t look much as if we were standing by our British allies-no sir !

Does Michael have any plans to visit London ?

(Next question, please !)

Let’s see: What else happened ?

Oh,this was kind of "special" :

Noel Neff,a 46 year old editor for The Weekly Reader- a well-known educational magazine,aimed at youngsters, had a bad experience Saturday in a Connecticut mall parking lot.

He had reportedly put a lot of time and effort ( 2 months worth of email and instant messaging) into meeting a 14 year old boy named Chris-for the purpose of "educating" the lad in alternative sexual activities; but "Chris" turned out to be David George, an FBI agent.

Hey, Noel: Can you say " frog-marched" ?? ( I thought you could ! )

Finally, as if there were not enough trouble in the world, it is learned former President Bill Clinton plans to set up a "private economic summit" for the aid of African nations.

When Mr. Clinton left office, I scoffed at suggestions he would wait a few years,then begin pulling out pulling out some of the foreign aid money squirreled away overseas.

It was said this would be done in the form of "speaking fees" ( at $100,000 a pop), or in some other NGO compensation.

The author (whose name I have long since forgotten) suggested this was a fairly common practice for administration officials from both parties.

A small percentage of all foreign aid monies was being set aside,the author claimed,then "laundered" through "respectable" non-government organizations.

These NGOs would then forward the money – in the form of speaking or consultancy fees – to those who had authorized the original appropriations.

Hmmm….. Was the author on to something – or merely on something ?


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