Thursday, July 28, 2005

Crap By the Mob

For the past three nights, NBC (NY) has been running a series called "Tapped by the Mob" – which, I suppose, will win the network all sorts of prizes and awards for "courageous reporting".

Each segment takes up about a quarter of the available news time,but seems to last longer, as NBC’s Jonathan Deinst-all glittery eyed with excitement-guides viewers through brain-numbing audiotapes of "alleged
Gambino Family boss Gregory De Palma" ordering Viagra for his friends,offering to install driveways, perform home improvements,and so forth .

De Palma sounds,quite frankly, as if he were reading from a script – and not too well at that. I’m sure anyone of importance in his "alleged crime family" would wonder ,after listening to the tapes, if he has been "turned" by the FBI, and is being used by them to build cases against a bunch of small fry.

I have absolutely no use for organized crime, and am pleased our Law Enforcement community continues to combat it – but I wonder what odd combination of motives and ambitions would lead the US Attorney’s office to release this dreck to a TV network ?

Is it appropriate to wonder why the NBC people didn’t ask the same question ??


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