Thursday, July 07, 2005

G8: Anarchists,Bombers, and Liberals

The G8 Summit in Britain is off to a “smashing” start :

Screaming protestors blocked roads,smashed car windshields,and injured 8 policemen so badly they required hospitalization – then howled in anger when police closed off part of their line of march.

The police,they shouted, were restricting their freedoms.

What were they protesting ? Well,Africa,you know,and the urgent need for more “dole money” for the protestors.

(The Associated Press rewarded these pathological monsters by giving them a warm,approving write-up !)

Adding to the melee,terrorists set off six bombs in London: attacking bus and underground transit lines crowded with working class people.

As of this writing,at least two people have died from these bombings. There were at least 90 injuries-some quite serious-and the death toll may climb.

No one has “claimed credit” for these outrages,but I have a sneaking hunch they had nothing to do with Islamist extremism; everything to do with the “mangled marxism” of the G8 demonstrators.

Further information has come in:

1. A previously unheard-of al-Qaeda group says it set the explosions;

2. British authorities say the attacks appear to have been coordinated with the G8 protests;

3. The ever-popular GEORGE GALLOWAY ( who "barely knew" Saddam Hussein,despite having been treated to a ride on the elevator-some 20 floors down- to Saddam's personal bunker in Baghdad )was in the midst of the G8 Protests - but I'm sure he will declare he was merely passing through and had nothing to do with events.

Goodness ! I suppose some tinfoil-hatted conspiracy buff will claim there is an actual link between Islamic terrorism and Leftist extremism !

UPDATE: It is now believed 40 PEOPLE have died in these bombings.

(The language used on the website claiming responsibility bears a close resemblance to that of "Abu Hafs al-Masri Martyrs' Brigades" - long suspected to be a Eurotrash group that uses Islamic trappings.)

Further Updates: A survey of those describing themselves as American Liberals was taken today by - a Phoenix,Arizona website.The survey was taken following today's London terror blasts, and is reproduced here without further ado.

THIS POLL IS FOR AMERICAN LIBERALS ONLY: Who do you see as the enemy? I am fighting against...

Republicans who want to harm American society

Islamic terrorists who want to harm American society


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