Saturday, July 09, 2005

Hillary Clinton : M-a-n-i-p-u-l-a-t-i-v-e

I slept in today. When I came down,there was fresh-made coffee….and my wife had custody and control of the morning paper.

My wife is a dear lady: love of my life;mother of our children;treasured grandmother to our numerous grandchildren,and beloved "Grammy" to our Greatgrandson . She does,however, have one tiny flaw .

She likes to read portions of the morning paper out loud !

"Hillary is outraged ."

I sip a generous potion of life-restoring coffee,thinking: "So what’s new ?"

Hillary Clinton is ALWAYS outraged about SOMETHING ;which, when distilled and analyzed ,turns out to be the fact she is not the President of the United States yet; and that the NY Media practically forces her to share the podium with that odious,smarmy Chuck Schumer (instead of simply recognizing her as THE Senator from New York).

Eventually,my wife surrenders the morning paper,and, after reading the IMPORTANT stuff: the hurricane,the London bombings,and the comics,
I glance through the inside pages to see what Hillary is so upset about.

It appears-at a glance-Senator Clinton is upset that ALL Homeland Security monies are not being spent on New York. It appears that certain Congress Persons have thrown their weight around,and money is going to OTHER places that might be at risk !

From what I’ve read, Homeland Security funds are being used all across the nation as a bottomless pork barrel.

Little villages in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country are buying up urgently-needed SWAT gear – (One can never predict what those Amish folk might do !).

Desert towns in Nevada are outfitting their First Responders with high-ticket ski gear , and providing all-paid ski weekends in Colorado .( Hey: you never know !)

Will all respect to Senator Clinton , the nation’s railway system is about as safe as it’s ever going to get-no matter HOW much money is appropriated and spent.

Spain ,France, and Russia – which have totalitarian security forces –
have never been able to keep their trains safe.

About a year and a half ago,France narrowly avoided a horrendous disaster on one of its high-speed commuter trains: not because of improved security, but because a lowly track worker spotted something amiss on the railbed, and called it in. (The "something amiss" turned out to be a huge bomb, rigged for remote detonation.)

There is no way to screen the millions of passengers who use our trains-
any one of whom could be carrying explosives,or noxious chemicals, or bioweapons .

There is no way to examine the endless miles of track on a 24/7 basis,which is about what would be required. (Hell,most of the time nobody even checks for loose spikes or rotted out ties !)

Senator Clinton,who is nobody’s fool,is well aware of this;but she is equally aware voicing "outrage" over Public Safety (to an eagerly compliant Media) is a splendid way of attracting votes.

( Well, I see my wife has started the crossword puzzle.)

Forty-three down ? That’s "manipulative" , dear.


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