Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hillary Clinton Shows Her Usual Class

There’s no getting around the fact.

President Bush DOES have an unfortunate resemblance (big ears,a slightly "goofy" expression) to Alfred E. Neuman : the perennial "cover boy" of Mad Magazine.

Glancing at the Google record, I can see several of the more poisonous and irresponsible left wing commentators –such as the "Smirking Chimp" website -have used this resemblance to launch ad hominem attacks-ad nauseum and ad infinitum.

Still, I wonder how wise it was for Hillary Clinton to call this to the attention of her audience when she addressed a group in Aspen,Colorado Sunday.

"I sometimes wonder if Alfred E. Neuman is in charge in Washington."

In case someone in the audience didn’t get it, she added : "What ? Me worry ?"

It was a cheap shot: altogether unworthy of a United States Senator : and about par for Hillary.

Imagine the Media uproar if Mr.Bush had called attention to Senator Clinton’s less-than-svelte appearance !

The President has a reputation for being pretty easy-going ; but, if I were Hillary Clinton , I would worry–just a little- about payback .

Imagine her pet appropriations bills being defeated .

Imagine long bureaucratic delays in actual
disbursement of appropriated monies.

Imagine very public inquiries into "proper accountability procedures" for some of her pet projects.

Imagine detailed ,potentially embarassing examination of those chosen to administer these projects...

On the other hand, given the former First Frau’s legendary arrogance, the possibility of an unfavorable White House response probably won’t even cross her mind !


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