Thursday, July 21, 2005

It’s That Time Again !

According to the calendar, 49 years ago, a very nervous young Marine met his equally nervous bride at the altar of a small church in Red Bank, NJ – not far from where he was stationed-and exchanged vows.

5 children, 8 grandchildren,and 1 great grandchild later, we are still together: no small miracle, considering the ups and downs of life !

I love you Ruth ! Thanks for putting up with me all these years !

I see by the papers folks are getting all worked up over John Roberts : the latest Supreme Court nominee.

I don’t envy the judge his role in the confirmation hearings : an unmannerly-and-intricate procedure by which high judicial offices are filled.

Roberts will be praised by some;reviled by others. Assorted special interest groups will express their chagrin – or joy – over his selection,and braying pols will elbow a path to the eagerly waiting media cameras.

In the end,Judge Roberts may be tossed aside-in favor of a "compromise candidate"…who the Administration has had in mind all along.

Initial nominees – no matter how qualified – are sometimes like the unfortunate first cow herded into a piranha – infested stream . Quite often, they wind up as an offering : sacrificed so the rest of the group can get across.

The Senators who conduct these bloody inquisitions like to pretend that they
are exerting control on the Supreme Court , and that all of their posturing and pontificating shows High Court nominees who is "boss".

Let me share a deep,dark secret I’ve learned over the years: There is no way to predict what a judge will become : liberal,conservative, or arachibutyrophobic,once the oath has been administered,and the fancy robes have been donned.

The best we can hope for is that all judges will consider the Law of the Land carefully, and apply it fairly – regardless of the angry scowls, and anguished howls from Left or Right.

That’s exactly the role the Founding Fathers had in mind.


You want to know what that word means ? Go ahead, say it:


Believe it or not,it’s a morbid fear peanut butter will stick to the roof of one’s mouth.


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