Monday, July 11, 2005

Liberals Bare Their Souls

There were two online polls conducted by – a Phoenix,Arizona website, that appeals to a very broad membership.

The first poll asked whether the readers felt our troops were fighting on two fronts : terrorists in Iraq ; liberals at home – or just terrorists.

The result strongly favored the idea our troops were fighting a sort of "two front war".

Evidently,the wording and findings of this poll disturbed some of the Liberal members of the message board. One denounced it as "hate speech".

A second poll was then conducted for anyone self-identifying as an American Liberal .


Who do you see as the enemy? I am fighting against...

(64%) said: Republicans who want to harm American society

(36%) said: Islamic terrorists who want to harm American society

Ho………………..kay ! What does this mean ?

Does it mean a high percentage of these liberals hate Republicans, or does it mean they hate any political opposition, and want to eliminate it ?

Is it "hate speech" to ask this question ?

ps: Here's the results of an earlier survey,taken on this same site:

"Osama bin Laden and members of his worldwide terrorist army are...

Evil - 83%

Freedom fighters - 11 %

Neither freedom fighters or evil - 6% "


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