Thursday, July 14, 2005

More Important Than Valerie Plame ?

One would never guess – from the howls of the Radical Left – there was anything going on the world besides the Karl Rove –Valerie Plame matter.

Believe it or not, there ARE more important events in progress !

Novosti, the Russian News Agency doesn’t care about Valerie Plame-
( After all, Aldrich Ames, a CIA traitor, pointed her out to the Russians back in 1994 ) – but they are concerned about a possible dustup between two of their trading partners: Japan and China.

At issue is a small chain of islands in the East China sea. The Japanese call them the Senkaku Islands,and are thinking of drilling for oil and natural gas there.

The Chinese say : Wait a minute ! We call them the Diaoyutai Islands, and, if there are rich hydrocarbon deposits there,we claim them !

Given two very arrogant and aggressive neighbors, with a centuries-long history of armed conflict , the dispute SHOULD cause some concern – but I doubt you will find it mentioned in the newspaper,or watch it being debated by angry adversaries on television.

Hmmm……….. Let’s see.

Here’s something in Reuters AlertNet.

The Democratic Peoples’ Republic of the Congo is having some problems too, according to UN Special Envoy, William Swing.

On Saturday,a group of Hutu "militiamen" – part of a 12,000 –strong remnant of the group that ravaged Rwanda in 1994 (while the UN dithered over the definition of "genocide") attacked the small village of Mtulumamba : burning some 50 men,women, and children alive.

The UN has debated the matter-over tea and crumpets-and has decided to issue a condemnation of the attack. (It was probably Condemnation No. 23,750 , but at least the crumpets were good. )

Special Envoy Swing says the Congolese Army is in dire need of additional funding-although no one can say for sure how many soldiers there are;much less explain why they haven’t been paid in so long.

Translation: The corrupt leadership of the Congo has been padding the Army payroll for quite some time, but, of late, has gotten so greedy, it has simply stolen the whole thing.

Not to worry, says Mr. Swing .The process of electing a new set of corrupt, dictatorial leaders is "on track" –whatever that means.

Just send the Army some more money .

They are always "grateful"-if you get my drift.

( No, that wasn’t part of the Special Envoy’s speech. Honest !)

As you may have noticed, none of this seems to relate to Valerie Plame,or Karl Rove ; so, as far as the Media is concerned, it never happened.

Ah, what the heck :Let’s blame it all on Bush anyway !


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