Monday, July 18, 2005

News to Gladden the Heart ??

Or something !

Remember that lonesome Maytag Repairman ?

It looks as if he is going to have company pretty soon.

Whirlpool – a major competitor – has made a whopping big offer , that will likely include a lot of debt exchange between the two giants , a REALLY big payday for shareholders , and a REALLY big boot in the tail for a lot of actual repairmen.

In case that falls through, the People’s Liberation Army of China is also interested,and has made an attractive bid. (That’s not the actual name on the Chinese bid prospectus, but it is who you do business with when you deal with China.)

Can’t you just see the commercials ?

The Maytag Repair Person – now wearing a quilted jacket , and a little cap with a red star on it – brandishes an AK-47 ,to which a bayonet has been clipped , and snarls : " Don’t you DARE bring that washer back for repairs ! "


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