Sunday, July 17, 2005


The next "9/11" is apt to be something most people don’t want to hear about,read about,or even think about.

I’m talking about biowarfare; and, unless I miss my guess,it is being studied-using human guinea pigs-by the People’s Liberation Army of China.

They have succeeded in identifying a strain of "bird flu" , called H5N –RK7,that is extremely lethal to birds and to humans. ( It is just one of 10 strains they have been studying – via "controlled releases" into their own population ; and they are still looking for the "ideal strain".)

The goals seem to be threefold:

Develop a strain that will be lethal to humans and livestock, that can be spread by migratory birds.

Refine this strain so the birds selected can withstand it for 60 days or so: living just long enough to migrate;

Develop vaccines in secret that will protect their population,and that of certain useful "partner" nations ; eg: Cuba,Venezuela, Angola.

( The "discovery" can be announced after the world falls into panic, and an exceptionally high price can be charged – as China will be "in the catbird seat".)

This requires enormous experience in bio-technology: one of the items China "bought" when it signed extensive trade agreements with Cuba in November of 2004.{CA3DBBE2-4A6A-4628-9988-59744DB0CF46}&language=EN

We may be more familiar with Cuban cigars, but the fact is Cuba is one of the leading nations in the world in biotechnology – especially the arcane world of Recombinant DNA – which happens to be just what is needed when making viral superweapons.

It is,perhaps, not odd this trade agreement calls for the Chinese to furnish teachers-so the Cuban people may learn Chinese .

The next 9/11 might arrive on our shores in the dead of night-carried on the wings of migratory birds we are all accustomed to, and spread slowly,slowly across the land. By the time we grasp the fact there is a killer flu abroad,we will be unable to trace it to its source – and too busy burying our dead to care.

That is the reality of biowarfare.

I have deliberately left out the name of my "link" to this information. He is one of America’s foremost virologists,and is associated with a major teaching facility. Although he has published certain information on this matter,he is certainly more cautious than I in drawing conclusions.

Were I to associate his name with my opinions, there are radicals in the university culture-and elsewhere,who would go out of their way to smear his reputation and standing-though he is a fairly liberal man.


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