Saturday, July 16, 2005

Osama WHO ???

I just checked the FBI’s Rewards For Justice page: There is still a $25 million bounty for his arrest-with another $2 million offered by the Airline Pilots’ Association.

(Here’s the reference for those who insist on "citations.")

That’s $27 million dollars-for somebody who isn’t worth two cents to us – dead or alive !

The very existence of this reward has its roots in our "Criminal Rendition" program – and that’s dead wrong.

Osama is a terrorist, not someone who robs banks and Post Offices – and he should be dealt with accordingly.

That 27 million dollar reward tells the Arab world differently.

It makes him a mythic figure-to be cherished,protected, and followed.

It also tells the Arab world we might get desperate enough to up the ante a few extra mil – so why not wait and see what happens ?

I suggest we have a "Going out of Business" sale on Osama and the rest of his Islamist merrymen.

Today’s reward is $ 27 million … but next week, the offer drops to $ 20 million ; $ 13 million the week after that.

Still want to hang on to him ?

Fine ! Wait another week,and we’ll give you $ 6 million.

Zip; Zero; Nada after that.

After that it’s Osama WHO ???

Oh, him. Well, if we run across him,we’ll give him a burst or so, but otherwise,he’s all yours.

Keep him or kill him : It’s all the same to us.


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