Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Possible Terror Arrests in Newark,NJ Stir Little Interest

On Sunday,July 24,2005,agents of the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) arrested 5 Egyptian nationals: one of whom was a fugitive by reason of having jumped ship in 2000.

Four of the men claimed to be unemployed civil and chemical engineers. The wanted man,who admitted police into the apartment at 246 Ferry Street,Newark, NJ, claimed to be a street vendor.

Agents found maps of the NYC subway system,a video of NYC landmarks,a video camera, and $ 8000 in $20 and $ 50 bills.

One suspect said he needed the maps for his street vending business. There was no explanation offered for the landmarks video,or the $ 8000.

All five are being readied for deportation to Egypt.

Oddly, only ABC News (online edition) is carrying the story:


Let’s see: We know one man got into the country by jumping ship. How about the other four ??

Why isn’t the media showing any interest in this unsettling story ?


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