Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Say it isn’t so Department : Renewable Fuels and Hillary Clinton

Pro-environment groups have touted the value of ethanol and bio-diesel fuels for at least a generation. (I can remember reading "Gee whiz !" articles about these fuels in" Mother Earth News " way back when Jimmy Carter was President, and we had long lines at gas stations for rationed fuel. )

Over the years, these "infinitely renewable replacements " for fossil fuels have received taxpayer subsidies estimated at 3 Billion dollars : subsidies which have, for the most part, simply masked their true costs.

Now comes a study ,conducted jointly by Cornell University ( New York’s premiere agricultural college) and the University of California – Berkeley , which says – in no uncertain terms – the production of non-fossil fuels consumes more fossil fuel energy than it saves. How much ?
Typically, about 27 to 40 % more.

Sigh …
Details here:

Hillary Clinton’s name came up today .

This was in connection to hidden sex and violence in video games. ( As I understand it,there are "adults only" features imbedded in some of the games available to children. If one has the "keys" to unlock these features,a "harmless children’s game" can be turned into something considerably different;and, in some cases, downright nasty.)


There are some –on the Radical side of the fence- who are opposed to any sort of censorship – even for materials presented to youngsters ;and it is possible they are responsible for a rumor that seems to be afloat on the internet.

The rumor suggests Senator Clinton is positioning herself for a grab at the "gold ring" – no, not the Presidency, but a seat on the Supreme Court !

If, by some strange chance, the rumor were true, would the media pounce on her because she was a Bush nominee – or praise her because she is a Democrat ?


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