Friday, July 15, 2005

Schumer,Clinton,Biden, Kerry :Never Mind Security - We Want Pork !!

A bill that would have added more Border Patrol agents to help stem the flood of illegal immigrants that nearly engulfs Texas,Arizona,New Mexico,Nevada, and California was defeated today,when Democratic Senators Schumer,Clinton,Biden, and Kerry launched a floor fight against it-and Republicans who favor "open borders" joined them.

The bill would have-among other things-provided additional detention facilities for "OTMs".

OTM stands for illegal aliens who are Other Than Mexican.

Undocumented Mexicans are shipped back to their homeland when caught; but, because of a lack of detention space, and because of the difficulties involved in repatriation to some countries, equally undocumented people from all over the world are being released on personal recognizance.

This means, if you are a member of Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) a murderous Salvadorian gang, or a member of the Russian Mafia,or one of the violent Oriental gangs – or even a member of al-Qaeda, all you have to do is get across the border on a reasonably busy day – and wait for the Patrol to pick you up.

You’ll be transported to the nearest Patrol facility and logged in, fingerprinted,photographed, and handed a summons for a deportation hearing.

If you are not on somebody’s "wanted" list, you will probably be loaded on a bus,and transported to a nearby town , where you will be handed a meal ticket, and reminded about your hearing date.

Most of those so released never come back for their deportation hearings.

This started long before 9/11, and has never stopped-despite everything !

For all we know, the next al-Qaeda "action cells" are already in place: locked and loaded , and waiting to go into action.

Should that happen,of course, the Fearsome Four , and their Republican allies will scream bloody murder about the failure of the Bush administration to secure our borders. (Hillary has already launched her usual shrill pre-emptive strike.)

Why did these Senators oppose the desperately needed Immigration Enforcement funding ?

Chuck and Hillary say it would have taken away money needed for First Responders : nice chunks of vote-getting pork.

Did I mention Schumer, Clinton, and Biden are running for re-election pretty soon ?

You might want to remember their names.


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