Friday, July 22, 2005


One of our family connections owns a nice home ,overlooking the Arkansas River. The property includes a little island – about twice the size of a tennis court – connected to the homesite by a short,sturdy bridge.

I’ve still got a lot of unpleasant "country boy" memories, and I hesitated a bit as we walked across the bridge.

"Don’t you worry about snakes ?", I asked. " This looks like prime water moccasin territory."

My host chuckled. " It certainly is ! That’s why I keep the grass cut so short."

It was short : golf course short –especially on the island.

Snakes, I learned , are ambush hunters,and favor areas with plenty of hiding places. Take away those hiding places, and you force the snakes to expose themselves to watchful hawks and other hungry predators: a situation snakes would just as soon avoid.

Terrorists are pretty much like those pragmatic river vipers: They like cover and concealment,and they hate it when their intended victims cut away their margin of safety by installing surveillance cameras, and taking other reasonable measures to expose – and prevent – their activities.

That’s why I am a bit nonplused when some of the civil liberties groups voice outrage over the possibility we might "violate the privacy" of criminals and terrorists with those awful cameras !

Whoa ! Where is it written that there should be an expectation of privacy when one is in public ?

Where is it written one should avoid cutting the grass because it interferes with the working plans of dangerous snakes ?

For a more detailed commentary on this odd phenomenon , please visit
Heather Mac Donald here:


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