Sunday, August 14, 2005

“Chemical Plant” Raid Photos Reveal “Unexpected” Surprise

On August 9,2005, acting on a tip from Iraqi citizens, US forces uncovered a clandestine chemical production facility, which contained – among other things – roughly 1500 gallons of chemical precursors.

There has been no announcement as to the precise nature of what was found, but I believe I recognize one of the items depicted here:

I refer you to the top picture, and respectfully draw your attention to a piece of equipment in the foreground of the photograph. You’ll see a sort of inverted cone on legs ,with hoses attached, and fittings for attachment of
A forced air/hot air feeding flue.

Unless I miss my guess, the device is a “spray dryer” ( sometimes called a “flash dryer” ) of laboratory size ; and it is used for the small-scale preparation of biowarfare agents, such as Anthrax.

Huge production facilities are not required: the Anthrax Attacks of 2001 were carried out with approximately 2 grams of bioagent. ( The machine you see is capable of producing multi-kilogram lots in a single run.)

Now I’d like to direct your attention to this page :

This is the Niro Spray Dryer UNMOVIC inspectors were asked to watch for in Iraq-just before Operation Iraqi Freedom began.

(Take your time ! Go back and forth between the two links, and make up your own mind. What did the troops find there ? )


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