Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Chuck Hagel is Partly Right , but…

Senator Chuck Hagel has been drawing favorable reviews from the “Mainstream Media” for a change - because the Nebraska Republican says Iraq has become another Vietnam ; and that we should just get out of there – the sooner the better.

I respect the Senator’s opinion. He is a combat veteran, and knows more about war than most of us would ever care to hear.

Moreover , he is voicing an increasingly popular sentiment . Most of us would like very much for this whole thing to be over : a sentiment that reminds me of the Vietnam era….But, when he suggests (or seems to suggest ) we should “cut and run” ….

That’s where the Senator and I begin to part company !

Then – as now – there was a Media crusade to end the war. There were peace demonstrations that evolved into riots : sparked then – as they are now – by radical activists : whose “politely-overlooked” goal was the destruction of the United States via left-wing coup d’etat.

There was a group called “Weatherman” that set off bombs ,robbed banks, and killed people. There were assorted race-based groups that did just about anything they could to anybody they could – (and were hailed in the media as “crusaders for equality”).

There was a draft – and there were young people who had the financial resources , or the connections to evade it. Many crossed the border into Canada. One ( who became a US President ) managed to stay in England by joining and then resigning from a Reserve unit.

This meant the burden of fighting the war fell on the poor and powerless:
Folks these same draft evaders professed to love.

There were super-annuated “students”, who took over college campuses – all across the country : making it nearly impossible for those who were real students –and who were busting their humps to pay college costs - to complete their schooling, and get on with their lives…again, to the delight of the Media.

All of this had an effect on the Vietnam war. The North Vietnamese,who had considered doing a little “cutting and running” themselves, took heart from the anti-war campaign , and decided to hang on a little longer : sensing the American people had lost heart.

The result was an enormous increase in the number of American (and Vietnamese) casualties , and in violent disorder in the United States : much to the delight of the Media – which, by now , had so many attention – grabbing stories to tell , there was barely time for the increasingly lucrative commercials.

In short, the 60’s and 70’s were VERY bad times ; and, at the end , we decided to “cut and run” : leaving the Vietnamese and Cambodians to their fate.

It was a very nasty fate , and it was duly documented by the Media – which decreed it was all OUR fault. We really shouldn’t have built their hopes for freedom up in the first place .

Is this what you have in mind for the people of Iraq, Senator Hagel ?

Should we cut and run to facilitate your re-election campaign ?


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