Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Don’t Ask Department

London : Police are searching for a man who – wearing just a diaper – approaches women late at night , and asks them if there are any baby changing facilities nearby.

( Don’t ask ! We don’t want to know why !! )

Canberra: If you were to watch this Australian gentleman perform, you might conclude he was fishing : surf-casting to be exact.

Well…..not exactly .

It seems he has taught three mice : Harry, Chopsticks, and Bunsen - how to surf , using tiny, mouse-sized surfboards.

He employs a rigorous training program ,involving months of patient coaching in a bathtub ; and often dyes the fur of the mice to make them
visually appealing.

( How many performers does he lose to hungry fish ? Don’t ask ! )

Kolkata : Formerly known as Calcutta , this West Bengal city is one of the last places on earth where rickshaws are used.

During the rainy season, and when the traffic is heavy, they are the only truly reliable transport , and there are 10,000 of them in service…but not for much longer.

The Chief Minister of this communist – run state has decided pulling rickshaws demeans the workers and is “inhumane”.

The 10,000 soon-to-be-liberated workers are quite a bit less enthused: wondering, no doubt , what they will do to support their families.

If they become beggars, will not the State regard them as “parasites” , and ship them off to perform hard labor under inhumane conditions ?

Don’t Ask !


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