Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hmmmm…. Starvation Could be BAD for Your Health !

Washington: Two UCLA researchers – working independently – have confirmed what millions of people in Africa already know : Starvation is NOT likely to increase one’s life span !!

The reason research into this (rather well-settled) matter was done at all was: ( Ta-da !) Another “miracle diet”.

Some researcher – who shall remain nameless – came up with the idea that cutting one’s caloric intake by one third would result in weight loss, better health, and increased longevity : as much as 125 years !

The UCLA researchers concluded : “…suffering years of misery to remain super-skinny is not going to have a big payoff in terms of a longer life.”

(Hmm: Wonder what NEXT week’s “ Wonder Diet” will entail ? )

New York: A gentleman named Kenneth Trudeau went to prison for credit card fraud, and has, after years of TV “info-mercials” , been ordered by the government to stop offering and promoting “ health products” that are not overly beneficial to one’s health.

Nonetheless, Trudeau’s book : “ Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About “ has consistently topped the Publishers’ Weekly best-seller list for non-fiction for several weeks ; which SHOULD tell us something – but I’m not sure just what.

Are people too smart for the government, or too dumb to be allowed out of the house ? Would a few weeks on the “ Kofi Annan Diet “ help ?

I’ll let you know when my Natural Cure Kit ($ 74.99 +shipping and handling) comes in.


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