Thursday, August 11, 2005

How to Make Your Wife Feel Insecure

Milan: A Macedonian motorist stopped for gasoline,while on the road to Rome. His wife decided to make a "pit stop" while they were at the station.

Six hours later , the police in Milan contacted him : had he, perhaps forgotten something ? If not, why was his wife still in their fair city : penniless, without documentation, and extremely irate ?

( Gee, Officer : I THOUGHT she was kinda quiet !)

Salt Lake City: A 35 year old man disappeared in late July, while on a solo hiking trip in southwestern Utah. His car was found in a national forest parking lot , and, fearing the worst , police launched a full blown search and investigation.

It didn’t take police long to discover the missing man – who has a wife and 3 children in Ohio - had bought airline tickets to Sydney, Australia , and was having a delightful vacation, thank you !

Utah authorities are considering a civil action to recover the estimated $ 20,000 they spent on search and investigation costs ; but , considering the wife and children he "forgot about" ,that might be the least of his problems !

Berlin : This has been a ROUGH week for wives ! A 75 year old man accidentally hit his wife with the car while backing into a parking space.

He was so startled by an onlooker’s screams , he ran over his 73 year old wife again !

We are happy to report the injured woman survived – thanks to prompt medical treatment….and the fact the car stalled after the second impact.


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