Monday, August 29, 2005

In Whose Name Is The Anti-War Movement Acting ?

I’m not a great fan of wars , but I know there are times to have to fight Evil-and I think Iraq – “flawed intelligence” or not – is a justifiable struggle : at least as justifiable as Kosovo ( where fighting continues 10 years later),Somalia ( where we cut our losses and ran ) , or Haiti (where we intervened twice , gave up in disgust, and handed control over to the UN-which is also on the verge of giving up . )

I know there was, and still is considerable International opposition to Operation Iraqi Freedom . I wondered at that for a while - (Most governments-especially in Europe- have a pretty good grasp of political reality, and have been known to send troops hither and yon when their national interests are at stake.) – so I started looking through some of the pre-war material on the Internet.

I had almost forgotten: The countries most openly opposed to Iraqi Freedom had the most to lose , should Saddam Hussein be overthrown.

France - $ 6 billion ; Germany - $ 5 billion ; Russia - $ 7 billion ; The Paris Club ( a group of 19 creditor states) - $ 42 billion; Kuwait, China, and Bulgaria- $ 120 billion ; Saudi Arabia - $ 140 billion.

Let’s gloss over the question of which UN bureaucrats were building nice little nest eggs on “Oil for Food” money , and which well-known billionaire was making a tidy profit on the discreet offshore management of this stolen money – ( probably not as much as he makes on laundering drug money, but respectable, nonetheless !)

The fact remain$, there were billion$ of rea$on$ for a lot of countrie$ and individual$ to oppo$e Iraqi Freedom.

Please join me in wondering how much money these folks contributed to the Anti-War movement in this country; how it was laundered; who handled the “washing machines” ; and who benefited from these transactions.

Keeping in mind these are folks who love to talk about Halliburton, I wonder how willing they would be to discuss their OWN finances ?


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