Saturday, August 13, 2005


Stop the presses ! Grab your guns and head for the hills ! Danger,danger, Will Robinson !!

It seems Mark Yannone ,perennial Libertarian candidate for the US House of Representatives –Arizona – has run across an article on the World Socialist Website – which quotes an article in the Washington Post – whose reporter quotes a mysterious Army officer – who has access to TOP SECRET PLANS for the military occupation of the United States.

Whoa ! Heady stuff ……………………………………………NOT !!

Mark, who is an exceptionally intelligent and well-educated individual ( and seldom hesitates to remind us of that ) surely must know such contingency plans have been around for a very long time ; that they were set up in the 1950’s because of the (then very real ) threat of all-out nuclear war; and that they are reviewed periodically because of the still-existent threat of nuclear or bio-warfare - or the natural emergence of pandemic illness.

( Pandemic influenza – should it get a foothold – could kill as many as 6 BILLION people worldwide.)

It is obvious such catastrophes could cause near-total breakdown of fire,police,medical,transportation,food distribution ,electricity , healthcare,water,sanitation, and other vital services we now take for granted.

It would be up to the military to step in, if we were to survive as a nation and as a people – and, much as we might hate being part of a “military district”,and subject to martial law, we would, in the long term , be grateful such planning had been done.

Mark Yannone has a different take on this: (View the original here: )

[No need to involve the rest of the country, Halftrack. The terrorists will be conveniently assembled within spitting distance of the Pentagon in a few weeks. That should give the museums time to remove the artwork before the Pentagon begins bombing and irradiating DC. - Mark Yannone]

Mark directs our attention to the following website:

and suggests we examine this one as well:

Mark, I see no need to characterize you . You’ve done it yourself.


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