Tuesday, August 02, 2005

News That’s Vital to the Survival of the Free World

SOUTH KOREA: two musicians from the punk-pop band RUX stripped naked during their live TV debut – prompting the network to cancel the show.

Band members explained this was the way they always perform at their club gigs – and besides, they didn’t know they were performing on TV (!!)

(It is reported one of the Producers ran out screaming : "Hey ! Do you know your guitar players are naked ?" – to which the band leader responded:
"No,man; but if you’ll hum a few bars, we’ll try to fake it.")

BERLIN: Left-wing German senators want to dig up a giant statue of Vladimir Lenin – hacked apart and buried in the woods shortly after the re-unification of Germany.

The Senators would like to re-assemble the statue – at taxpayer expense – and re-install it in its former place of honor. ( I’m sure we’ll be hearing from Rush Limbaugh about this !)

AUSTRALIA reports Russians are inordinately fond of kangaroos – especially when they have been made into sausage.

And finally :

OREGON is proud to report worm farming has gained official recognition.

Effective immediately, worms have been added to the state’s list of Tax Exempt Farm Products. (Be sure to stock up !)


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