Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Our Overseas “Cousins”

Moscow: Police have arrested a man suspected of having robbed several women in a Moscow park.

The man would accost his victims while in the nude : startling most so badly they would drop their purses and flee. A few victims stood their ground , and were robbed by force.

Police officers became suspicious , when they observed the defendant prowling through the park - in the nude.

( It is difficult to put one over on the Moscow Militsia ! )

Edinburgh : A member of the House of Lords has been charged with setting fire to the drapes of an Edinburgh hotel.

The fire spread quite rapidly : endangering the guests, and damaging an interior wall of the hotel.

The defendant – identified only as Lord Watson – is a member of the British and the Scottish Parliaments , and allegedly set the fire shortly after being named Scottish Politician of the Year.

(First George Galloway, then Lord Watson ! Pray it’s not contagious !! )

Kalingrad : A 21 year-old man has been arrested in this Russian Baltic city for attempting to play “vampire”.

The suspect allegedly entered a house and stabbed two senior citizens – presumably in an attempt to obtain their blood ; then ran out to the street,stabbed a well-aged woman , and tried to drink her blood.

The three victims were hospitalized for their wounds.

The “Dracula Wannabee” has been hospitalized as well : for extensive mental health tests.

(Hokay, Boris : No more “Dark Shadows” re-runs for you ! )


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