Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Sick,Slick Self-Promoting Radicals and 9/11

The latest buzz – among the sick, slick radical set – is the release of the 9/11 tapes.

“ A-hah !” , they declaim . “EXPLOSIONS in the World Trade Center !!”

Yes, they say. The audio tapes clearly reveal the sound of explosions…which means: ( Ta- dah !!)

“The Twin Towers were brought down by BOMBS – cunningly planted by:”

(Choose one or – What the heck ! – Choose all !)

1. Mossad Agents - seeking to promote World Zionism ;
2. Jewish terrorists - seeking to smear peaceful Muslims;
3. The CIA and Military - seeking an excuse to go to war ;
4. Neo-Cons - seeking a means to increase (already obscene)corporate profits ;.
5. Christian fanatics - seeking to establish a theocracy ;
6. The Man - seeking to impose his evil will on People of Color.
7. I don’t know , man ; but SOMEBODY musta done it !

When I looked yesterday, there were at least three pages of links to sites promoting the idea that there was something sinister (other than those silly airplanes) about 9/11; and most of them seemed pre-occupied with the sound of explosions.

Just as an aside , I’ve often marveled at the way these Radical sites harmonize with one another. It reminds me of the singing Acne Pimples in this old commercial.

“ I am an Acne Pimple – as lonely as can be
Don’t cry, Pimple – I’ll keep you company !
Say, Fellow Pimples,would three be a crowd ?
All together, Pimples:sing we aloud :
Hummmmmmmmm ! “

Let’s talk about those explosions.

The airliners that crashed into the WTC and Pentagon had full tanks of J8: a jet fuel that is pretty similar to Diesel oil.

The fuel, as one might imagine, leaked from the tanks and caught fire; but some leaked into stairwells and elevator shafts, and service ducts, where it vaporized – and met super-heated air rising in the shafts.

The result was a number of explosions : pretty much the same effect you get when a Diesel engine operates.

(Diesels don’t have spark plugs.A mixture of fuel vapor and air is compressed until it becomes super-heated : at which point it explodes.If you’ve ever heard a big truck using its engine compression to slow down (“Jake Braking”) what you’re hearing is a series of those controlled explosions.)

I imagine a few of the “choristers” promoting the latest round of conspiracy theories are simply uninformed – but ,from what I can see, the radicals who started this garbage are intelligent and well-informed …and sleazy beyond measure.


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