Saturday, August 13, 2005

This Week’s "Master Criminals"

Houma,La : A 20 year old man from Missouri was arrested this week,after he ran-barking-from a house in which he had been staying…and bit the letter carrier on the shoulder.

The suspect apparently has no criminal or mental health history , and says it was only a joke. Really !

He has been released on bail – hopefully with the condition he get rabies and distemper shots.

Sao Paulo: Police became suspicious when two men bought a whole car carrier full of new cars – for cash - and followed the truck to its destination: arresting the two men waiting for its arrival.

Earlier in the week, a bank in the same city had been burglarized by a team of 8-10 thieves , who dug a tunnel from a rented store front to the bank vaults- over a 3 month period - and made off with about $ 68 million in cash.

It was considered the bank robbery of the century , and the thieves were extolled in the media as " brilliant ".

Examination showed the new cars had been paid for with stolen bank notes,and additional loot from the theft was stashed in one of the cars.

( The thieves are said to be wondering how the police got on to them so fast.)

Draguignan, France: Police began to wonder after noticing journalists were beating firefighters to the scene during a series of forest fires in southern France.

They became even more curious about the fact the journalists very often featured one particular firefighter in their stories : casting him in an heroic light ; and surmised he might be tipping the journalists off.

Ah, but how does one tip off the press before the Fire Department has been notified ? The Magistrate was equally curious, and warrants were issued.

After a search of the suspects home produced incendiary devices, the firefighter confessed to setting seven forest fires, and has been charged accordingly.

He is said to be worried now about the effects of pre-trial publicity.


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