Friday, September 09, 2005

Ghostly Apparations “Boo-ed” by Restauranteurs

Orlando: Two restauranteurs have refused to move into the newly-renovated Church Street Station entertainment complex, “because it’s haunted.”

According to the attorney for the restaurant owners ,”sub-contractors and other people” have reported seeing “ghosts or other apparitions” at the site.

The attorney for the landlord says he asked them “…if these were good ghosts or bad ghosts,and if they were good ghosts,why it was a problem”.

The restaurant owners – who claim to be devout Jehovah’s Witnesses-say their religion forbids them to have anything to do with spirits or demons, and they are opposed to exorcism “because it is a Roman Catholic ritual”.

The premises where the restaurant is supposed to open has been one of the Orlando Ghost Tours attractions since 2001, and is visited regularly by tourists seeking an other-worldly thrill.

Can you say : “ Publicity stunt ? “ I thought you could !

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic , an inebriated woman managed to star in her own “ grave undertaking ” …

Brussels: A 33 year-old woman , who had quaffed quite a few too many, decided to take a shortcut through a cemetery on her way home from the bar.

It was dark and private there, and the woman needed to relieve herself rather urgently ; so she crouched between the tombstones: grabbing one for support.

The headstone – quite a large and impressive one – toppled over : pinning her underneath. Unable to escape , the micturating maiden suffocated.

( Not a good place – or a particularly good way to go ! )

Speaking of unpleasant surprises----------------

London: Documents released by the National Archives reveal Nazi saboteurs had designed a number of them:

 A chocolate bar – designed to explode seven seconds after a piece was boken off;

 Bombs designed to look like canned plums,throat lozenges,shaving brushes,batteries,wood,coal , and (Achtung !) Stuffed Dogs !

Fortunately, none of these secret weapons was ever used - outside of a “James Bond “ story -or British cemeteries might have been even more crowded.


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