Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Good News and Bad News

Fakikeng,South Africa : 33 year-old Hein Wagner of Cape Town –blind since birth – has set a new land speed record for the visually challenged:
driving 167 mph across a remote airstrip in a “borrowed Maserati V8 Gran Sport".

Wagner was accompanied by a sighted person, who acted as navigator,and the episode – staged to raise money for charity – was filmed for the Guiness World Book of Records.

( The bad news is: Mr. Wagner wants to set a speed record in an airplane next. )

Los Angeles: Those opposed to the idea of hungry alligators swimming in a city park lake will be happy to learn a posse of 12 firefighters and an urban search and rescue team have succeeded in capturing “Little Reggie” – a former pet alligator someone released into the lake.

It was something of an epic struggle to move the creature into a drainage ditch, get nets over him, and wrap his snapping jaws up with duct tape.
The threshing animal was finally winched out, and will be moved to a zoo.

(The bad news is “Big Reggie” – who is said to be at least 10 feet long,and who still lives in the lake , despite herculean efforts to find and neutralize him.)

Berlin: Bavarian brewer Harald Schneider has produced what he terms “the world’s strongest beer”.

The brew is fermented for 12 weeks, and is said to taste like a mix of beer and sherry. Alcohol percentage is a whopping 25.4 % ,and Herr Schneider says two or three glasses will intoxicate most people.

( The bad news is : it’s served only in shot glasses. )


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