Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hurricane Produces Grief --- And Urban Legends

We’ve all seen heartbreaking images of Hurricane Katrina – which,by the way, devastated coastal areas of Mississippi too – something the Media almost totally ignores.*

To make matters worse , the “Urban Legend Machine” is operating at full capacity ; with every type of huckster you can imagine going online – or elbowing a path to the news cameras to spout off.

These are just a few of the stories being told.

1. A “prominent” ( in his own mind ) activist proclaimed his opinion poor black people had been left to die in New Orleans – and had been forced to resort to cannibalism to survive. ( I didn’t realize you could starve to death in a week ! )

2. An Anarchist claimed she had it from “unimpeachable” sources the United States had refused aid from Russia. (When confronted with headlines from 3 Russian newspapers, reporting the grateful acceptance of Russian aid by the US,she became quite indignant.)

3. A“ progressive” chap insisted the looters were not really black;and, even if they were, they were “engaged in Class Warfare” – not looting.

4. A Libertarian felt,since looting was under discussion, we should be paying closer attention to the white looters in the federal government,who were going to make the rest of us pay for the people affected by the storm.

5. The Anarchist returned to the fray: this time to tell us the looters who shot at rescue helicopters were really peaceful folks, who were forced to take up arms when the government blew up the levees. ( That didn’t go over too well, so she came up, a bit later, with #6.)

6. Katrina was a “Scalar Storm” : which used weather control and weather warfare to attack the Gulf Coast. Its purpose was to dissolve the US Constitution,and pave the way for rule by the Illuminati.

The proof of this was the weather maps shown on TV,which displayed the storm track – AND – the fact the storm was forecast by the Illuminati Card Game. (Ho-o-o-o-o-o-o-kay ! )

7. Some skinheads expressed a desire to persuade somebody to:

A. Shoot looters – especially the black ones;
B. Kill some Jews – just for drill;
C. Kill the President;
D. Kill some Mexicans .

(They made it quite clear THEY wouldn’t be doing any of this stuff !)

8. Abu Musab al Zarqawi congratulated Osama bin Laden for causing the hurricane: adding Allah was not on our side, had never been, and never would be; so we should resign ourselves to being decapitated in the near future.


*Here’s something from a family friend in Mississippi . I’ve edited out names for privacy sake,and deleted a paragraph or two for clarity.

We made it back to our house. We had over 4 feet of water in our house and everything is destroyed.

Our furniture and our beds and our linens and dishes and both refrigerators, our new washer and dryer, just everything was submerged in water.

The saddest things that were destroyed were all the pictures of the kids as they were growing up. All the photo albums were ruined. And all of our books and school yearbooks were also destroyed.

We spent all day at the house trying to take things out and save what we can. Mold is growing on everything and you can only be in the house for a short time before you must go out for air. Not to mention that since we have not power it is really hot.

Our water tower was destroyed so we don't have any water for cleaning things up. The things that we can save we have no place to put. The doors are swollen and full of water that once we opened them, we could not get them closed.

R-- cannot go into the house at all because the mold will send him straight to the hospital. After two hours yesterday, both C------ and R----- were having difficulty breathing and I stayed in the house too long trying to get things picked up that I ended up throwing up.

I am trying to find some guys with muscle to help move the heavy things. My bedroom furniture weighs a ton and we have two sleeper sofas that weigh tons too. Once we can get the furniture out, we can get the carpet out and that should help with the smell.

Anything wood has mold growing on it and the walls have mold growing on them, too. My lower kitchen cabinets are bowed and swollen. It is hard to pull the drawers out and once they are out they won't go back in.

All the pots and pans and bowls have water in them and I am not sure I want to keep them. All my small appliances were in the lower cabinet---the crockpot, rotisserie, mixer, chopper etc.

It is just a mess! Our house survived the best in our neighborhood and our house sat the highest in the neighborhood so you can imagine the rest of the neighborhood. So mold is growing everywhere and people have started putting all the destroyed things at the curb so even going outside doesn't get complete fresh air.

We have homeowner's insurance, but not flood insurance. We are not in a flood zone. We have called our insurance company and FEMA but have not seen any adjusters yet so I don't know what they are going to do.

Our hearts go out to all who are suffering in this time of crisis !


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