Sunday, September 18, 2005

It’s Hard to Believe, But…

Tokyo: An indignant Japanese woman summoned the police after a man she met online cheated her out of 1 million Yen.

The man was “supposed to” track down and murder the wife of a man, with whom the woman was having an affair.

The hitman had promised to chase the victim down on a motorcycle,pull alongside her in a tunnel, and spray her with a lethal bio-agent…but then he realized it was a lot simpler to cheat the woman who had hired him.

(It’s so hard to find reliable help these days !)

New Jersey: An Associated Press reporter was so stunned by 42 year old Donald Adair’s harrowing tale of “loss,frustration and finally anger over the pace and quality of (Hurricane Katrina) relief efforts “ in the Gulf , she accompanied him to the Red Cross office in Fairfield, NJ , and walked him through the process of obtaining emergency funds and comfortable shelter at a local motel.

After the reporter filed her story – blisteringly critical of FEMA and the administration – Adair’s ex-wife saw the story and came forward.

It turned out Adair ( now being held on $25,000 bail on a variety of fraud charges ) had never even visited the Gulf states ; and was , moreover, a “walk-away” from a prison halfway house in California , with an outstanding escape warrant from that state.

( Not to worry ! The AP reporter will probably get some sort of award !)

New York: NY Attorney General Eliot Spitzer says J-Lo’s recent hit single-“Get Right” – might not have been as good as the radio stations made it appear.

Spitzer says the record company – Sony BMG – paid off radio stations and disc jockeys to the tune of thousands of dollars to promote the song by giving it “extra spins” – thus increasing its apparent popularity, and driving up sales.

Spitzer claims “payola” has become so endemic in the broadcasting industry , the record companies now consider it a legitimate promotion effort.

( Now who would have dreamed that broadcasters – who are, as we all know , utterly committed to bringing us only the best – would ( Sob !) resort to such ( Sniffle !) dastardly tactics ? )


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