Thursday, September 22, 2005

Justin Raimondo – Investigative Reporter

-The Anthrax Clue He Did Not Pursue-

Justin Raimondo , Editor of Anti-War .com – a sort of Neo-Libertarian “copperhead” publication - set forth his views on the Antrax attacks of 2001 in his usual multi-linked –but-tiresome style , as reproduced in “”

One of his main premises appears to be as follows:

An Army officer –( the suspiciously Jewish ) Colonel Philip Zack – was beastly – 9 years before the Anthrax attacks – to an Egyptian employee of the Army labs .

The Colonel was a close friend of a lab employee named Marian –(Oh-oh ! You don’t suppose she’s Jewish too ?) – Rippy ; and, after his retirement,continued to see her – at the lab – again, 9 years ago.

At about the same time, somebody was sneaking into the labs and using lab equipment. Raimondo infers, but does not say that person was Colonel Zack ( You know: the Jewish guy).

( One of the “minor” things about this mysterious lab sneak was the very strong possibility he/she spoke English as a second language- as evidenced by a notation discovered at the scene: the word ANTRAX.
Most people from Europe or the Middle East spell “Anthrax” that way.)

Apart from failing to pick up on the spelling – and what it might suggest –
there is something far more important our “investigative reporter” has overlooked – or consciously ignored : the fact the allegations about Col. Zack , Marian Rippy, and the “Camel Club” surfaced right after the 2001 Anthrax attacks.

Let me explain something: Raimondo’s source for all this stuff was The Hartford Courant. Right after the Anthrax attacks of 2001, the Courant began digging into the 9 year-old history of Col. Zack and the Camel Club. They used a Freedom of Information request to get most of their material.

Getting something on a FOI request is not as easy as logging on to the Internet. You have to have a reasonable idea of who,what,when, where, and why – and I can only assume the Courant already knew these things , and merely used the FOI request to verify them.

That means the Courant had a source : probably someone in the general vicinity of Hartford, or connected to someone in that vicinity.

This source would have worked at the Army labs during the early 1990’s- when the Camel Club debacle occurred , and would have had inside information as to security problems, personnel problems, and specific details of lab operations.

Let’s take that a step further. The Courant’s source might well be one of the suspects in the Anthrax attacks. Moreover, the source might well have furnished this “inside scoop” to the Courant as a means of drawing a red herring over his/her own trail.

This is the Anthrax clue the great Raimondo did not pursue.

Was it because it did not occur to him, or was it because he was too busy trying to find some nice Jewish conspirators he could blame it on ?

By the way: I’m nor trying to suggest that Justin Raimondo is anti-semitic.
He denies it; and, if you take exception to articles like this:

well, shame on you !

Oh: here’s more proof he’s not the least bit anti-semitic:

See? He spreads his love around.

He’s------Justin Raimondo : Investigative Reporter !!


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