Thursday, September 08, 2005

Mexican Police Intercept “Illegals”

Mexico City: Police who stopped a bus at a checkpoint on the outskirts of Mexico City heard odd sounds coming from the luggage compartment.

Inside the compartment, they found boxes containing : 1 eagle, 2 toucans,41 mockingbirds,3 iguanas ,14 parrots,15 snakes,55 tortoises,and 1 tarantula.

Officials are puzzling over what to to with these “undocumented visitors”.

Minot,ND – A mechanic has found a way to fight back against high gasoline prices: he has been riding his horse to work.

I realize this statement will raise certain questions, which I shall try to answer.

1. For PETA Members: The horse is actually an “animal companion”,and is provided with water and hay at the mechanic’s place of business.

2. For “Pet-o-philes” : The horse is a mare , and she and the mechanic have a long-term, strictly-platonic relationship. (You could ask her out, but I think you’ll get a resounding “ Neigh !” )

3. For Auto Enthusiasts : Yes, she is “cheap on gas” ; in fact , she is apt to produce far more than she uses – if you catch my drift.

Wellington, NZ – A Royal New Zealand Police College student learned an important lesson the hard way : Don’t volunteer for a fingerprinting demonstration if there are warrants outstanding against you.

The student had undergone some background screening, prior to admission, but had not been fingerprinted yet. He looked to be a good prospect, and authorities were somewhat chagrined to discover he was wanted on serious assault charges.

The former student is now learning the “ins” and “outs” of New Zealand’s legal system.

Administrators at the Police College have been directed to write ;” I shall obtain fingerprints first !” 100 times on the blackboard.


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