Saturday, September 17, 2005

The New “ Copperheads “

( A tribute of sorts to the Mickey Moore Club, the Neo-Left,the Neo-Nazis,Lew Rockwell, Mark Yannone, Justin Raimondo and his “Neo-Libertarians”,and the Incomparable Wiolawa )

I’ve just finished reading “ American Falls” , by John Calvin Batchelor .

It is a novel of the Civil War – especially that part of the war that involved the Union and Confederate Secret Services; and there is much mention of “The Copperheads”.

The Copperheads were Northerners, who sympathized with the South to one degree or another.

Some – who called themselves “The Sons of Liberty” - wanted an outright Confederate victory on the battlefield ; others wanted a negotiated settlement that would accomplish the same goal. Most just wanted the war to end – in any way possible.

The Copperheads – right up to the battle of Gettysburg , and the resultant turn-for-the-better of Union fortunes – enjoyed sympathetic treatment by The New York Times and the New York Daily News.Both newspapers enjoyed pillorying Abraham Lincoln , whom they considered “an ape” and “ a buffoon”.

The Copperheads had their own “minority wing” in the Democratic Party –( not too surprising, because the Democrats’ real strength lay in the South and the West.) Some of this wing was openly seditious to the Union,and engaged in acts of sabotage , sheltered Morgan’s Raiders, etc.

(This sedition led to enormous over-reaction by the Lincoln Administration-so much so, the Attorney General resigned in protest.)

The mainstream of the Democratic Party championed General Mac Clellan against Abraham Lincoln , and favored a negotiated settlement with the South. They received a lot of support from the Irish immigrants – some fresh off the boat – who often wound up getting drafted as “cannon fodder” , and who viewed emancipation of the slaves as a threat to their livliehoods.

The centuries have come and gone, and the Copperheads are back – with a vengeance.

Although the New Copperheads get sympathetic treatment in the Mainstream Media , their real home is the Internet ,where “cut ‘n paste commandos” flood the available bandwidth with instant quotations from their idols , and howl down anyone who disagrees.

One of the more notable things about the new Cut ‘n Paste Copperheads is their reluctance to present their own original thoughts on a subject.

The Mickey Moore Club , the obnoxious “New Left” , the assorted racist Neo-Nazis, and Radical Libertarians , such as Lew Rockwell and perennial candidate Mark Yannone , ( and, of course, that arch-foe of shape-shifting lizards, Wiolawa ) rely on others to do the thinking and the writing .

(Are you offended that I lumped you in together ? Good !!)

Most of what they offer is coughed-up hairballs , and the occasional half-digested mouse – which they present with great cries of self-adulation.

I suppose they feel “protected” from public disgust and censure when they let somebody else take the heat. “Oh !”, they cry. “ I didn’t say that . It was So-and-So. See ? Here’s the link .”

Yeah. We see the link – and we see your warm, approving comments as you
do your best to create racial and ethnic strife, as you urge others to tear the fabric of our society apart , and as you slither out to strike from concealment.

The rest of us are expected to Ooh ! and Aah ! over the richness of your diversity – no matter how stupid or depraved it may get…

It didn’t work in Lincoln’s day,and it’s not going to work now.


Blogger Mr. Todd said...

So maybe your own Monkey Boy in the White House ought to round'em up and throw'em in the can to rot, just like disHonest Abe did back in the day, huh ChickyHawk?

Saturday, 17 September, 2005  

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