Sunday, September 11, 2005

Odd News From the Russian Front

I was glancing through Russian news sites today, and came across some odd stories.

The oddest of all came from ---------------------------------------------------

Pocatello, Idaho : Meteorologist Scott Stevens , who is Weather Anchor for NBC News Channel 6 in Idaho, claims Japanese Yakuza gangsters used KGB-invented electromagnetic storm generators , broadcasting signals from ground-based microwave transmitters to create Hurricane Katrina, and to steer it into the Louisiana/Mississippi Gulf region.

But-but----WHY ?

It seems the Yakuza wanted to make a fortune in the Commodities Market, AND, while they were at it, pay back the United States for Hiroshima.

Mr. Stevens bases his statements on the work of another researcher,Tom Bearden; who, according to Stevens, says Yakuza and Aum Shinrikyu (death cult) teams studied weather control in Russia, under the direct supervision of KGB/ FSB agents.

The Russians then sold their storm generators to the Japanese plotters-who have been generating hurricanes for a few seasons now – just for practice.

( Dang ! And here I thought it was the Illuminati doing that stuff ! )

Volgograd: You will be relieved to learn a middle-aged Russian engineer-who nearly cut himself in half with a chain saw – has survived.

Apparently the engineer was at his dacha , trying to saw a log , when the saw “kicked back” ,and hit him in the chest.

In spite of his wounds – ( doctors say he resembled one of those “visible man” internal anatomy models )-the engineer tried to drive himself to the hospital, but was talked out of it by friends.

The engineer has been in the hospital for 12 days , and has a set of stitches
that looks like something out of an old Frankenstein movie. He is quoted as saying – a bit ruefully – “I should have used a protective apron.”

The doctors ( who don’t seem to have any concerns about patient privacy ) say they know the engineer rather well ; having patched him up following two automobile accidents, and a cleanup assignment at Chernobyl.

Makhachkala,Dagestan : ( Easy for You to say ! ) Police have detained 3 local residents and an out-of-town visitor on counterfeiting charges.

The foursome had sold off $ 49,000 in counterfeit US dollar bills by the time police became suspicious.

It seems one of the group was in possession of a $ 1,000,000 US banknote-fake of course – and an accompanying (false) certificate of authenticity.

(Apparently, there was something a bit “off” about the certificate…)

The foursome may be prison-bound , but apparently this is not an altogether unpleasant experience in some areas.

St. Petersburg: A Penitentiary Service Inspector became suspicious after discovering a woman who appeared to be a call girl – inside the grim walls of Kresty Prison.

The young woman said she had been visiting, and had lost her purse, but the Inspector was not fooled . Nyet ! Not for one minute !!

The Inspector summoned assistance, and reviewed the prison’s surveillance tapes : learning- to her dismay- certain inmates – who had money- were able to order up in-cell-delivery of call girls.

One segment of the tapes even showed a call girl – dressed in the uniform of a Penitentiary Service Inspector – being chaperoned to a cell by one of the Deputy Wardens.

( I don’t even want to THINK what that was all about ! )


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