Friday, September 16, 2005

Renewable Energy Problems ?

Berlin: A German inventor, who says he has developed a way to make crude fuel oil from paper, rubbish, and plastics has found himself under attack.

A local newspaper reporter somehow concluded he was making oil from dead cats ,and the published story set off a geyser of protest.

“No, nay, never !” , responds the inventor. “It’s all paper , plastics, and rubbish.”

“At worst “, he concedes , “the odd toad may have jumped into the batch.”

Sidney: An Australian man, who was wearing a woolen shirt and a nylon/synthetic jacket , is reported to have built up enormous static charges without being aware of the situation,

According to Reuters, when the man walked inside a building in the country town of Warrnambool, he set off a wild series of static discharges as he stepped on a rug.

Witnesses claim the miniature electrical storm sounded like firecrackers, and that the carpet was scorched in several places.

Reuters says, when the man got back into his car, a miniature lightning bolt scorched a hole in his floormat: prompting him to seek assistance.

Firefighters were summoned, and tested the man’s clothing with an electrical field meter: detecting a charge of 40,000 volts.

The firefighters placed the man’s jacket in a courtyard at the fire station,and noted it continued to give off “an electrical current.”

( Do you believe this story ? No ? Neither do I--but Reuters apparently did – and we KNOW how dedicated they are to truth and accuracy ! )


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