Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sex in the Spotlight

Beijing: A joint US/Chinese project will use satellite technology-including high-resolution cameras, and GPS tracking-to monitor the sex lives of a group of giant pandas in a wilderness preserve.

There are only about 1600 of the animals left in the wild – plus an estimated 150 in captivity – and scientists want to learn the reason for the pandas’ rather low reproduction rate.

(Hmm… If we had scientists following us around all the time, I wonder how well we would reproduce ? )

The giant pandas might be a bit stand-offish, but a German trio was quite the opposite !

Berlin : Italian tourists, enjoying a leisurely Ferris wheel ride at Munich’s Oktoberfest, were taken aback when a trio of German nationals suddenly entered their cabin from an adjoining compartment, and began shooting a porn film.

There were two men carrying cameras, and an actress carrying a vibrator-which she began using, as her companions filmed away.

The indignant tourists were unable to get them to stop, and, once the ride ended,made a complaint to the police.

The German trio: an actress, a political scientist, and a 25 year-old student,said they had been conducting an experiment-in an effort to learn how foreign visitors would react to their performance.

(Unimpressed police gave the trio a “thumbs down”-possibly for over-acting.)

“Performance Art” does not always work out for the best , as another German national discovered.

Berlin: A 52 year-old man expected shrieks of dismay when he leaped-naked-out of a bush , and exposed himself to a young woman walking her dogs in the park.

The woman – an off-duty policewoman – calmly reached for her cellphone and called for backup.

The flasher fled the scene in panic, but was captured – moments later – at his home : having left a large number of bemused witnesses behind him- all more than eager to point out which way the rascal went.

(It doesn’t always pay to advertise !)


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