Wednesday, September 07, 2005

That’s a CROC !!

A French-sponsored 12 member Peruvian exploration team has discovered the fossil remains of a 46 foot crocodile – deep in the Amazon jungle.

It is believed the entire Amazon Basin was once an inland sea – stretching from Atlantic to Pacific, and inhabited by creatures such as this monster and a relatively demure and petite giant armadillo – whose fossil was also found nearby.

The crocodile fossil, which included skeleton, jaws, and very large teeth , indicates the creature may have had a head measuring four feet across ; and it probably weighed “about 9 tons “.

(Pace that distance off , and try to visualize 46 ‘ of hungry crocodile. Keep reminding yourself: “ It’s only a fossil ! It’s only an old fossil !! “)

Waterford Twp., Michigan – Speaking of “old timers ” , Mr. Rolla Zuck, will be 100 years old on September 20th , and still drives a car to the bowling alley every week - where he maintains a respectable 155 average in the Senior League.

In May, he bowled two 200 games, and a 170 ,for an average of 190.

( He might be old, but he’s no fossil ! )

Moscow: Now that we’re on the topic , a young man, who had gotten “fossilized” on WAY too much vodka decided to sleep it off – on a railway track bed – between the rails of a commuter line.

The engineer of an oncoming passenger train saw him lying there, and applied the brakes-but the train rolled right over the sleeping man.

Rescuers tried to pull the man out, but failed; so the train was inched forward until it had passed over him completely, and he was in the clear.

The drunk never woke up ! He was still snoring happily as crew members pulled him out of the track bed and hauled him to safety .

( Somehow I doubt this fellow is going to live long enough to worry about Senior Bowling averages ! )


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