Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Wonders of the Visible World

In the 1690’s Cotton Mather wrote a clerical treatise on witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts , entitled “ Wonders of the Invisible World”.

(Today’s tales are not about witchcraft: but some of the stories here – in our very visible world - are a bit on the “strange” side !)

Warsaw: A rather precocious 18 month-old child took quick advantage of the fact somebody had left the keys in the ignition of the family car.

The child somehow started the engine and put the car in “reverse” – whereupon the car ran over the child’s mother and four year-old sister – AND pinned grandpa against the wall of a barn for good measure.

All (the 18 month old excepted) were seriously injured.

(There will be some who will insist such a thing could never happen ; but , as any parent can confirm, young children are capable of some nasty little “surprises” !)

Islamabad : Police and election officials have opened an investigation into exactly how the names of two dead women were not only placed on the ballot , but declared winners in a town election.

One woman had died 3 years ago; the other 13 years ago.

An election official in this fundamentalist region said he supposed, if the two women were found to be dead , fresh voting could be ordered.

(Local customs and religious law prohibit women from voting , holding office, or participating in government in any way – despite national government requirements for such participation. It looks as if somebody came up with a clever way to fool the national government.)

Ventura, CA - The Sheriff’s Department , which runs the county jails, has had to resort to issuing bright orange underwear to the inmates.

It seems the inmates, who are supposed to wear their own clothes home, have taken to pilfering jail underwear – to the tune of $ 50,000 per year.

The new orange underwear will make any attempt to pilfer pantaloons quite evident to officers supervising inmate preparations for departure.

(It will undoubtedly start a new Hip-Hop fad as well. Don’t be surprised if your youngsters start demanding you buy them overpriced orange underwear – about a week from now !)


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