Saturday, October 15, 2005

Biowarfare: Are My Predictions Coming True ?

In August, I wrote a blog about “the next 9/11”,in which I suggested the next attack might come in on the wings of wildfowl – carrying a lethal-to-humans Chinese-manipulated version of Avian Influenza (“bird flu”).

I predicted in that blog the Chinese would suddenly announce they had developed a vaccine for the deadly disease – and that they would make it available to the world : at a price.

“Bird Flu” has erupted in the Far East, in Russia,and in Europe, and has been claiming human victims. There may have been “non-human” cases in the United States and Canada already.

An alarm has been raised. The President has asked for a major government-funded project to fight the oncoming pandemic (and some witless politicians have voiced the usual criticisms).

The are vaccines – but they are of limited efficacy. The World Health Organization is still trapped in its own bureaucratic timewarp. The Media is finally voicing shrill cries of alarm (between car commercials and promos,of course),and folks are beginning to get a wee bit worried.

(“If civilization grinds to an ignominious halt, how will that affect the playoffs?” “ What will be in fashion after an epidemic ?” “Shouldn’t we push for a new art museum now – while there is still somebody to pay for it” ?)

I sort of wondered when I read a few months ago about “vaccines being administered to Party leaders” in China (source Boxun Network) after an outbreak of “streptococcus suis” – (modified bird flu ?), and I was not too surprised when I read this on the Reuters Alert Net this morning.

BEIJING, Oct 15 (Reuters) - China has developed a new and better vaccine for use on birds against the avian influenza strain that scientists fear could cause a global pandemic among humans, state media said on Saturday.

(This is an excerpt. Full article is available here.)

When I published my original blog, there were many who suggested a nice,long rest in a well-padded room might be helpful – or that the tinfoil in my (deerstalker) hat might be in need of replacement.

To tell you the truth, I hope they are right !

UPDATE: October 20,2005- Source Recombinomics Commentary:

Dr. Henry Niman reports H5N1 - infected birds were smuggled into Taiwan from China,and were part of a cargo seized.

I think my tinfoil hat is getting loose again !


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