Friday, October 14, 2005

Commander-In-Chief ?

Yes ma’am ! No ma’am ! Aye-aye,ma’am !!

Shine your shoes,ma’am ?

I’ve been watching (what some call) the Hillary Clinton Commercial-otherwise known as “Commander –in- Chief” , on ABC, and have to admit I’m fascinated !

The plot goes something like this: The President is dying. He summons his Vice President –ably portrayed by Gena Davis – and asks her to resign : saying she really wasn’t his choice for the office, but he needed her to get the Women’s vote.

Madam VP is not too thrilled – in fact one could say she is enraged ; but she drafts a letter of resignation like a good and faithful do-bee ,and is about to turn it in for typing , when – you guessed it – El Presidente messes up everybody’s plans by dying.

Can you say “coup d’etat” ? Neither can I, but Madam Vice President sure can ! She tears up the letter and gets herself sworn in as President before you can say “ Purloined silverware.”

While official Washington is still reeling from the shock, the new President mounts a military operation to free a Nigerian woman who has been condemned to death for adultery.

She lets the Nigerian ambassador watch the planning . He is – as one might expect – horrified ; and races to the phone to call his boss, and to arrange the safe release of the woman into US military custody.

At this point, the women of America are divided : some shouting : “Sisterhood is powerful !” ; others muttering : “ I don’t like that outfit on her. “

A week later,Madam President confounds the Evil-Republican Speaker of the House by selecting one of her most bitter rivals-a retired general- to be her Vice President.(He seems to have a Southern accent…Arkansas,maybe. Sort of like retired general Clarke….Could it be ???)

While confounding Evil-Republicans and Dazed-Democrats ,Madam
President overthrows the military dictator of an un-named South American country by sending planes ,with orders to spray the cocoa crop and bomb the cocaine-processing facilities.

The cocoa farmers overthrow the dictator, and the crops are spared-but-just to keep everybody on the same page, Gena has the cocaine processing plants destroyed.

Wow ! Two military operations in as many weeks !! This President is making Ronald Reagan look like somebody’s feeble Grandmother !!!

The Media responds by mobbing the President’s children – but is forced to hunker down, shame-faced when the President herself confronts them , and orders them to lay off.

There’s nary a peep out of the UN – but I imagine that’s because she’s threatened to nuke ‘em.

One of the amusing features of this slightly psycho drama is the role of the “First Husband” . ( Bubba, are you reading this ? )

We are led to believe he was once a powerful politician; but now he is being consulted on menu choices , and being handed color swatches.

Presumably he will soon be directed to spend a few hours on the Stair Master  firming up those thighs,and getting rid of unsightly midriff bulge.

( It’s also safe to assume the Secret Service will protect him from inadvertent ravishment by Interns , etc. ; and that the only woman he will have sex with will be Madam President – if she ever allows him in her bed again. )

As I remarked at the beginning, this show fascinates me – and, if this really is a “Hillary Commercial” – it scares the hell out of me !


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