Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Good News for Iraqis = Bad News for Others ?

It’s official: the Iraqi people have voted to accept the contentiously-arrived-at draft of a new ,more democratic Charter.

The people came out and voted – in spite of bombings , drive-by shootings , beatings , threats , and vicious intimidation : but it appears their courage is not being greeted with much appreciation.

Islam Online first announced the Charter had been defeated – but hedged its bets by acknowledging – near the end of the article the Charter had actually been approved. Updated postings reflected the percentages : 78 % to 21% in favor of adoption - and began to complain the process had been rigged against the Sunnis.

Al Jazeera claimed the Charter had been “shoved down the throats “ of the Iraqi people.

The U.S. administration has managed to shove the rejected draft charter down the throats of the Iraqi people. The administration’s illegal tactics have been aided by the deliberate failure of the U.S media to investigate Iraq’s recent fraudulent elections. The evidence that this referendum was most certain to be rejected by the Iraqi people is abundant, but the United Nations and the media have chosen to ignore it.

Okay. I can understand the Islamic press being unhappy with democracy. How can you institute a caliphate if people are allowed to make up their own minds about how they wish to be governed ?

Let’s see what “our” Media has to say .

The Associated Press – which seems to view the election with a certain lack of enthusiasm – has now “buried” the good news in a story about American deaths in Iraq passing the 2000 mark , and increasing domestic opposition to the war.

CNN has followed the lead of AP in presenting this story.

I assume our “Mainstream Media” will (a) focus on American casualties and increasing resistance to the war ; (b) describe the Charter process as (Let me guess !) “deeply flawed”.

Was it flawed ? Let’s look at what the UN observers had to say :

The UN, which supervised the elections , says there was some fraud (about on the same order as we experience here , when the deceased rise from their graves in our larger cities to cast votes for the ruling political machine) ; but not enough to affect the outcome in any meaningful way.

The Radical Left has reacted (for the most part) with sullen silence, or with repetition of the Islamist “party line”. I assume they are too busy “celebrating” the death of 2000 Americans.

The Neo-Copperheads seem to be ignoring the Charter vote. (Some of them are apparently planning to join the Radical Left in celebrating American deaths, judging by board postings.)

From all this, I gather the Iraqi Charter elections are a blow to the self esteem of our national pundits. It did not work out as they had predicted-which means they were wrong – but, even if you were to torture them , they would never admit it ; because it might collapse the shaky foundations of their elaborate “Tower of Babel”.

Congratulations to the Iraqis with purple fingers !

Bad cess to your tormenters and detractors !

And as for those who celebrate the deaths of our troops –

“May the Devil come claim ye,while yer warm in the grave !”


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Tuesday, 25 October, 2005  

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