Sunday, October 30, 2005


(Scene- The White House : It is early morning, and there is almost nothing happening . It is cold, and raining heavily . The carefully coiffed Newsreaders look a bit haggard at this hour, as they huddle under protective umbrellas.)

Back in the studio, the cameras focus on veteran Newsreader Frank Lee Marvelous, and his Co-anchor , Malise A. Forrthawt - better known as The Marvelous-Malise News Team.

Marvelous: It’s Day 1745 of our Impeachment Watch , and we’re awaiting exciting news from the White House !

Malise : Let me bring our viewers up to speed .

(Cut to archival tapes.)

Malise: One thousand,seven hundred forty-five days ago, an Evil Republican …

Marvelous : (snickers) Is there any other kind ?

Malise : (smiles, then re-assumes stern expression) As I was saying, an Evil Republican named George W. Bush was sworn into office as President of the United States, following what many called “ a stolen election” .

(Tape shows George Bush taking the oath of office – cuts to clip of
Al Gore ,who intones: “Let ALL the votes be counted.” – cuts again to clip of Karl Rove – then cuts to shot of VP Cheney, who looks as if he is having a gas pain - then (just for the hell of it) - to NY Senator Chuck Schumer elbowing his way towards a microphone – back to the inauguration of President Bush –then to clip of Scooter Libby riding in the back of a limo, while camera strobes flash. Tape is accompanied by music : “The Ride of the Valkyries”.)

Malise : It’s been quite a roller coaster ride for “Dubya” since then :
All downhill !

Marvelous: Now it’s Day 1745 of our Impeachment Watch, and we’re waiting for a surprise announcement from the White House !

Let’s go to our Impeachment Watcher , Kurt Ansar , at the White House. Kurt: What’s going on ?

Ansar : (Mutters something that will probably have to be edited out,and stands in front of camera.) Ah….Good morning ,Frank ; Malise. Ah…

As you can see, it’s still rather dark here – about what you’d expect at 5:03 AM on a rainy morning here in the Nation’s Capitol. There –uh – hasn’t been a great deal of activity yet.

(Three gang bangers materialize behind Ansar – (Lord knows where they come from !) – and begin mugging for the cameras : making faces, and flashing gang signs.)

Ansar: As you can see, the people on the street are quite excited about forthcoming events. (Beckons) I’ll try to get some reaction.

Ansar : (Addresses one of the gang bangers ) What are your feelings on Day 1745 ?

Gang Banger : Speaking from the perspective of a member of what has been regarded,traditionally,as the Under Class, I would have to say:


Give me your wallet, Homes , or I’ll perforate you with my O-O-O-O- zee ! You too, Camera Creep ! Give it up !!

Happy Hallowe’en !!!


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