Saturday, October 01, 2005

“Inconceivable” was Unpardonable

In an effort to placate my wife – who insists : “ You never want to watch the shows I watch !” – I watched the new drama (or whatever it is) called “ Inconceivable”.

The setting is an upscale, cutting-edge fertility clinic ; and the viewer is introduced to surrogate mothers who change their minds (thankfully before impregnation) , couples seeking eugenically superior “designer babies” , and a clinic worker who is surreptitiously changing the label on a specimen.

There is a lawsuit – filed by a couple who are unhappy with the baby the clinic “designed” for them. (Could this be related to the clinic worker who is switching labels ? Hmmmmmmmmm….)

There is a gay couple with an infant – presumably acquired from a surrogate mother. One partner works in the clinic. The other is the “maternal” one ; and the issue is finding a reliable source of breast milk for the infant. ( A helpful,heart-of-gold-but-nothing-to-look-at clinic worker finds an answer of sorts – artificial udders – on e Bay.)

There is Angie Harmon – of “Law and Order” fame – who pauses from time to time with a deer-in-the-headlights look , as if to say : “ I can’t believe I let my agent talk me into this role !”

Let’s see: what else ? Oh. Everybody has ISSUES – an absolute requirement for a TV show aimed at a carefully targeted upscale feminine audience that is sure to look at the cosmetic and feminine hygiene commercials supporting this …whatever it is.

Oh yeah. I almost forgot to tell you : About 40 minutes into the program,
my wife exercised her “right to choose” by handing me the remote and announcing : “ That’s it ! I’m going to bed !! “

As she headed up the stairs , she paused to snarl : “ Why do you watch programs like this ? “


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