Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Official Conduct in the News

Sofia,Bulgaria: Two Bulgarian border guards are facing a variety of theft charges after a high-tech mobile phone – issued to US Ambassador John Beyrle was found in one of the guards’ pocket.

The Ambassador had set the phone down near the X-ray screening machines while his baggage was being screened by the two guards,and, when he glanced back, he saw the phone was missing.

The guards denied the phone had even been there;but, to their sorrow,the phone had a built-in tracking device,which-when activated-pinpointed its location in one of the guard’s pocket.

(Can you hear me now ? You have the right to a jail cell. )

Silchang,India: 54 years ago, 23 year-old Machal Lalung had an epilepsy attack-but was mis-diagnosed as “mentally ill” and confined to an asylum.

The patient protested to doctors – but was apparently thought to be “in denial” about his “illness” – and his confinement simply continued.

Thanks to the intervention of a human rights group, Lalung – now 77-has been released, and is living quietly with a nephew. He has no memory of his family,his original tribal dialect,or his earlier life.According to his nephew,he putters around in the garden,and so forth, but is essentially “waiting patiently for death”.

When reporters asked Lalung about women , he said there were many women in the hospital, but he never made friends with, or sought a relationship with one. “Who would want to marry a crazy woman ?”,he asked.

( What a shame this man’s deluded doctors cannot take his place in the asylum ! Let’s see: delusions of grandeur, denial of reality…)

Albequerque,NM : Bob Schwartz, Governor Bill Richard’s crime adviser,was hospitalized briefly over the weekend because of serious dog bites – inflicted by one of the Schwartz dogs.

Mr. Schwartz is the author of a new state law that permits filing of felony charges against the owners of dangerous dogs – especially dogs that attack people.

The law requires-among other things – prompt reporting by medical caregivers of all dogbites.

(Thus far, no such official report has been filed ; and Mr. Schwartz remains the proud owner of 2 bulldogs and a boxer.)


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