Monday, October 24, 2005

Shh ! People From a Parallel Universe at Work !

Some say there are people who look like us, and walk amongst us:
people from a strange parallel universe !

Tijuana : A motorcylist , roaring through downtown Tijuana ,lost control while rounding a curve, crashed his bike , and fled on foot – leaving his helmet-wearing passenger behind.

When police checked the passenger, they discovered he had been dead for at least six hours. There were cuts and other wounds on his head ; and ligature marks suggested he had been strangled.

The deceased had bindles of methamphetamine in a pocket – leading police to suspect his demise had something to do with drugs. Police also speculated the motorcylist may have planned to dump the body in some remote,deserted area; but were mystified as to why he would have entered this heavily-populated city to do so.

Sidney: Australian authorities have apologized to the family of a man found dead in his car in a suburban shopping center.

The victim, who was in his 70’s and in poor health, had disappeared 9 days earlier, and police were supposed to be on the lookout for him.

When the body was finally discovered, police found one of their Parking officers had found him a day earlier – but had been so dedicated to his duty , he placed a parking ticket on the windshield of the decedent’s car , and walked away.

(Crikey,mate ! Bein’ dead’s no excuse for illegal parkin’ !)

West Bend, Wisconsin: A 40 year-old man from Hartford, Wisc. has told police he placed envelopes - containing photos of his genitalia
on the windshields of women who worked in local shopping centers , because he thought they “would find it funny”.

It seems he was inspired - while viewing a porn site- to offer photos of his “family jewels” for sale online ; but there were no takers . He had a large number of photos to dispose of , and decided to be more selective.

The “photogenic one” has been charged (so far) with 8 counts of lewd behavior and 5 counts of disorderly conduct. The District Attorney’s office says it expects another 14 counts to be filed here,and notes additional charges may be filed in other counties in which the defendant may have distributed his bounty.

Circuit Court Judge Annette Ziegler was able to control her amusement long enough to remand the defendant on $ 3000 bail.

(That’s today’s crop of people whose actions suggest they occupy a strange parallel universe – which occasionally intersects with ours – to our surprise and dismay.)


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