Friday, October 28, 2005

Something Wonderful Happened Today !!

The Special Prosecutor met with the Media. He announced the indictment of VP Cheney’s aide, “Scooter” Libby ,and he went on and on about “Grand Jury Secrecy”.

He kept ducking and dodging, and invoking “secrecy” , until finally
our Star Reporter – Malisha Hemlock – leaped to her feet and shouted out the question all of us in the Responsible Mainstream Media wanted answered :

“When is Karl Rove going to be charged with High Treason and frog-marched in handcuffs across the White House lawn ? “

Her courageous question seemed to galvanize the other reporters,and they began stamping their feet , and shaking their fists, and chanting :

“Two – Four – Six – Eight : Karl Rove’s Head Upon a Plate !”

The Special Prosecutor got very rattled , and called for Courthouse Security –then he did something truly un-American : He had them shut the microphones and cameras off : thus depriving the Public of the right to see our reasonable display of First Amendment Rights !

Our camera persons , deprived of power for their broadcast feeds, began chanting too:

“Frog March ! Frog March ! Karl Rove Frog March !”

It was obvious to all of us “The Fix” was in . Somebody – no ! Some evil Neo-cons had gotten to the Grand Jury and forced them to leave the part about Karl Rove out of their findings.

Utterly despicable – but we stood up to them –because we just can’t help being wonderful - and we invite you to do likewise.

Please join us on Monday morning when we storm the White House.
We’ll have the cameras rolling , and the World will get to watch you on TV !

We’ll start with : “Frog March – Karl Rove ” , and work our way up from there.

(Don’t forget to bring good, stout ropes , so we can really “hang this administration out to dry !”)


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