Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tuesday Trivia

Wasau,Wisconsin: A hungry 78 year old man drove his car into the glass entryway of a Burger King restaurant,causing extensive damage.

The man backed up, parked his car,and ordered a meal. He was sitting at a table,rather nonchalantly, eating his meal, when police arrived.

No summons was issued, because the incident occurred on private property.

(The restaurant manager declined to say what kind of food the gentleman ordered , but it definitely sounds like a “Happy Meal”.)

Brussels: European “sex workers” ( that’s the new PC term for prostitutes ) are demanding their unique profession be recognized as “work” , and say they deserve the same social rights as workers in other industries.

Male and female members of ICRSE (International Committee on the Rights of Sex Employees) held a news conference , urging the 25 member European Union to end discrimination against the Sex Industry.

Camille Cabral ,speaking for French workers, said it was time to end the stigma associated with the Sex Industry.

Reporters noted her tastefully selected ensemble included bright pink stickers reading : “Sluts Unite !” and “ Whore Power”.

(Parents of teenagers : You are now on notice as to what next week’s hot fashion statement will be. )


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Tuesday, 18 October, 2005  

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