Sunday, November 27, 2005

“CIA Torture Flights “ : Stolen Names – Stolen Honor

The Internet has been flooded with “investigative reports” about mysterious “CIA torture flights” – written pretty much by the same people ,under a variety of names : at least some of which appear to have been stolen.

One of the names that has been “borrowed” is that of Clayton H. Hallmark: a respected electrical engineer, who has written a number of technical and self-help books. (The borrowers omit the middle initial – “H” – but Internet search engines have now blurred the two names beyond redemption.)

Another alias is George A. Doole – an actual person, who ran the CIA’s Air America operation ……………and who died on March 9,1985.

Doole is regarded as a “legend” in CIA circles – though the Agency “never heard of him”. I’m sure, were he still alive, he would be outraged to see his name being appropriated by someone who got kicked off one of the “plane spotters” websites, and used by someone offering photos and maps of the Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas-at a time when the president was expected to be “in residence”.

These stories all seem to originate in an Italian Communist online publication, called “Bellaciao” , and they have had the (undoubtedly desired ) effect of causing international alarm and tension.

Routine civilian flights have been boarded by heavily-armed police and searched – in Spain and other European countries. Each time , the searchers exited with shrugs , because there was nothing there to discover ; and each time a search turned up nothing , the “Red Orchestra” cried : “Aha ! They’re covering up !”

Let me offer a gentle reminder to folks who may have taken this “torture flight” nonsense seriously : CONSIDER THE SOURCE !

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Judging The President

Judging the President has become America’s favorite sport – if the chatter on the Net and in the Media is any gauge.

Some of his “friends” ( Don’t get me started ! ) leave much to be desired . A few of those same friends have created considerable dismay.

But what about his ENEMIES ?

Joseph Conrad once remarked : “ You shall judge a man by his foes, as well as by his friends.” Others have said pretty much the same thing: “ If you want to judge someone accurately, look at his enemies .”

Who are the enemies of President Bush ?

The last time I looked , those enemies included:

Anarchists –who want to tear down all government;

Communists – (like the folks from A.N.S.W.E.R. and Code Pink ) who want to overthrow all democratic institutions;

Neo-Nazi Rascists from groups like W.A.R. and Stormfront;

Neo-Copperheads like Justin Raimondo and Michael Moore , who ADORE strong leaders like Stalin, Saddam Hussein,Fidel Castro, Slobodan Milosevic, and Hugo Chavez;

Pro-Islamic Racists , like Aztlan, the Black Panthers, the Nation of Islam,etc.;

Stalin’s Orphans – Neo-Marxists of all sorts (many in Academia), who were “caught short” when Communism imploded in Russia. They have transferred their loyalty to Castro, China, the Ba’athist dictatorships,etc.

Islamic Extremists – a worldwide coalition dedicated to placing as much of the globe as possible under Islamic law- no matter how many heads they have to cut off;

Manipulative Profiteers- (George Soros comes to mind ) who donate millions to groups like MoveOn , so they can reap BILLIONS in currency manipulation schemes.

When I look at the Administration’s Enemies , one thing becomes crystal clear :

President Bush must be doing something right !!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Chinese Concealment of Dangerous Influenza Variant

This is a story that has leaked-in dribs and drabs- out of China over the last two years ; and that has been kept alive ( barely ) by a dedicated virologist : Dr. Henry L. Niman – late of Harvard Medical School- more recently, the president of Recombinomics, Inc.,which specializes in the use of recombinant DNA materials for medical treatment.

This link will tell you a little about Dr. Niman :

Dr. Niman has been warning about the growing danger of Avian Influenza ,and its potential for worldwide pandemic – but few have been willing to listen.

He has also referred to what seems a determined effort by the Chinese government to suppress information about how bad the situation actually is in that country.

One of Dr. Niman’s sources of information as to events in China has been the Boxun Network: a group of incredibly courageous dissidents,who smuggle information out of China via Internet. Those who are caught are usually beaten and imprisoned for lengthy terms.
A few have “disappeared” after being taken into custody.

In July ,2005, some material relating to Chinese concealment surfaced in a more “mainstream” publication –and was picked up in a Yale Global bulletin.

The information related to a probable variant of “bird flu” , which the Chinese passed off (successfully) as “ Streptococcus suis” – a bacterial ailment which can produce similar symptoms , but which is so rare in humans as to be almost unheard of.

Dr. Niman also commented on it :

As you probably know, in September , 2005, President Bush helped set up a 16 nation group to prepare for possible Pandemic Flu.

It is a difficult task – made more so – by the obsessive secrecy of the Chinese. Instead of turning over viral specimens to the WHO, they have destroyed them ;and have blocked WHO access to patients and accurate information.

There is some speculation China – which recently lavished huge amounts of money on Cuba, in exchange for Cuban expertise in the field of recombinant bio-technology – may be trying corner the market on effective flu vaccines : a move that could put both nations “in the catbird seat” for quite some time to come.{CA3DBBE2-4A6A-4628-9988-59744DB0CF46}&language=EN

Having that kind of edge might well inspire considerable secrecy !

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Massive Anti-American Disinformation Campaign Underway

It started a few weeks ago : reports of “CIA Torture Planes” that were being used to transport hapless innocents to “secret torture camps” in Eastern Europe.

The source was Belliciao – an Italian Communist publication run by a “writers’ collective” that seems to use the name ‘CLAYTON HALLMARK” for stories by a number of people (assuming Google is not totally confused ) : Greg Szymanski,Wayne Beson,Charlene Fassa,etc.

The story even has a chart of “known CIA aircraft” , and the names of “CIA shell companies “ that operate them.

The New York Times and The Washington Post have picked up on this story , amplified it ,and agonized over it – so naturally, the world press is doing likewise. (Hey : If it’s in the Times and the Post, it must be true-right ?)

Browsing through the worldwide part of the Internet , I see the story has had an adverse reaction on foreign relations. Spain is boarding our Diplomatic Corps aircraft and conducting searches with armed troops and dogs. Denmark is forbidding the use of its airspace to “CIA planes”. The Netherlands is troubled; Germany perturbed. (Al-Jazeera,as might be expected,is beside itself with joy.)

Nobody seems interested in asking the most important question :
“Is the information being published TRUE ? “

1. There really is a worldwide-very informal network of “plane spotters”: most of whom are interested in photographing civil aircraft because they like to, and because they able to sell just enough photos to help defray the costs of their hobby.

2. With one possible exception* ,none of these plane spotters appears to have the capability of searching FAA databases – let alone being able to identify an aircraft owner as a “shell” for the CIA.

I have absolutely no reason to believe in the existence of secret CIA torture facilities , and note the various countries in which such facilities might logically be found have gone on record-repeatedly-to deny they host any such thing.

I do believe the CIA uses aircraft –quite a lot ; but most of the usage is purely administrative – such as flying diversity training specialists into Station X-ray , etc.

CIA Torture Flights ? Give me a break !!

* I’ve witheld some extremely interesting information about the “exception”, but will be happy to share it with any interested law enforcement agency.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Veterans’ Day 2005 – A Bittersweet Occasion

This is the day set aside to honor all who have served, and who now serve our country as part of the Armed Forces.

Many of those who served gave their lives . Even more were casualties,whose chances of a normal life were destroyed because of injuries and wounds ; and there has never been a full count of the "walking wounded" lives were forever scarred by the horrors of war.

My brother was one of the latter, and he well deserved the honors he received at his interment.

Of late (and I speak of the Viet Nam period forward ) there has been another type of casualty: veterans and serving troops who have been scarred by the never-ending drumbeat of criticism emanating from an openly hostile Media , which has seized and engorged itself upon the rantings of the Radical Left, and the Neo-Copperheads – (an odd amalgam of Anarchists,Neo-Nazis,Anti-Semites,and miscellaneous Anti-Government groups-some of whom pass themselves off as “Libertarians”.)

Truly heroic efforts by our troops go unreported , while the misdeeds of a few are made front page news. The whole world knows about Abu Ghraib – but almost nobody knows how Marine Corporal Danny Santos of South Central Los Angeles won the Silver Star in Iraq . ( We have heard, ad-nauseam , of the lesser exploits of John F. Kerry , who won a Silver Star in Viet Nam ……….”But that’s different !” )

1st Lt. Dustin M. Shumney , a Marine Platoon Commander was awarded the Bronze Star with combat "V” for repeated acts of heroism in Iraq over an 11 month period. He was en route to yet another tough assignment on January 26,2005 ,when the helicopter he and his men were riding in crashed, during a sand storm: killing all aboard. (That part made the news: “More US Casualties !”)

Everybody knows who Cindy Sheehan is, and has heard her opinion.
How many people have heard what Julie Shumney – wife of the gallant Lieutenant had to say ?

“I am forever grateful that not only do the Marines not leave each other behind,but they also do not leave their brothers’ families behind when they have given the ultimate sacrifice. I feel so grateful that my husband picked the Marine Corps. The Corps was a decision we made as a family-a sacrifice as a family.”

Don’t hold your breath waiting for this brave woman’s comment to be aired in the New York Times – even on Veterans’ Day !

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Chinese Espionage Arrests – Still “Under the Radar”

Story in The Washington Times, 11/05/05

“Four persons arrested in Los Angeles are part of a Chinese intelligence-gathering ring, federal investigators said, and the suspects caused serious compromises for 15 years to major U.S. weapons systems, including submarines and warships.

U.S. intelligence and security officials said the case remains under investigation but that it could prove to be among the most damaging spy cases since the 1985 one of John A. Walker Jr., who passed Navy communication codes to Moscow for 22 years.

The Los Angeles spy ring has operated since 1990 and has funneled technology and military secrets to China in the form of documents and computer disks, officials close to the case said. “

This is an excerpt from an article by Bill Gertz –Washington Times.
So far it has escaped the notice of The Washington Post, NY Times,Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, etc. (As of 11/08/05,only the Washington Times and two or three web sites that quoted the Washington Times had anything published.)

Perhaps the major Media outlets were too busy trying to impeach ( or at least dismantle ) the Bush Administration to pay attention to Chinese spies .

(It was mentioned on Fox News , so I imagine the “big boys” will be forced to report it – eventually . Just don’t hold your breath !)

For those of you who may be mildly curious about national security matters, the FBI says the spy ring was led by a naturalized American citizen named Chi Mak , and his naturalized wife Rebecca Laiwah Chiu.

Mr. Mak – an electrical engineer-held secret-level security clearance, and was employed by Power Paragon – a defense contract subsidiary of L3/SPD Technologies/Power Systems Group of Anaheim, California….and for 15 years , Mak allegedly obtained highly classified data on Naval weapons and communications systems by downloading information at his workstation.

What kind of data is Mr. Mak charged with obtaining ?

For starters, sensitive data on the Navy’s Aegis electronic battle management systems – developed after years of extremely costly research – and deployed by our Navy only a few years ago.

You will be delighted to learn the Chinese – by means of a little espionage – were able to take a big shortcut, and have now deployed their own Aegis-type system on their new state-of-the-art warship – which they have code-named “Magic Shield”.

The Chinese are also the proud possessors of highly classified data on the new Virginia-class attack subs: data that will enable China to track
US submarines at will – anywhere in the world.

They also received an electrical engineer’s eye view of one of our latest aircraft carriers.

Mr. Mak, according to the allegations, was so prolific a source of information, the Ministry of State Security sent his brother, Tai Wang Mak, and his sister-in-law , Fuk Heung Li over to help out. They arrived in the US in 2001, and had little trouble obtaining Resident Alien status.

According to (scanty) details released so far, Chi Mak would download information the Chinese government wanted ,and bring it home, so he and his brother could copy it onto CDs. The brother, Tai Mak would then encrypt the data, using coding software.

Eventually the Maks came under suspicion – (perhaps the new Chinese Aegis ship was the clue) – and electronic surveillance was approved and conducted.

Agents learned Tai Mak and his wife planned to travel to Guangzhou,China , and hand over their treasure trove of purloined secrets. Tai expressed some nervousness about the risks in taking the CDs out of the country, but agreed to return to China on October 28,2005, for handover of the encrypted disks to 2PLA (Chinese Military Intelligence).

Federal agents aborted this plan by arresting all four suspects.
A search of engineer Chi Mak’s Downey,California home was made, and hundreds of thousands of pages of highly classified documents, and large numbers of encrypted CDs were seized.

The information included technical details of the Navy’s new “Quiet Electric Drive” , details of state-of-the-art aircraft carriers, Electro Magnetic Pulse research , and unmanned reconnaissance craft of several types.

So far, the defendants have been charged with unauthorized possession of classified materials , although other charges are being studied.

The charges ,to date, are identical to those filed against another
Chinese immigrant : Wen Ho Lee , who was found to have downloaded extremely sensitive nuclear weapons data, and to be in possession of same.(Some of the material he downloaded was never recovered.)

Although Lee pled guilty to this (lesser) charge,he has become yet another “hero” of the Radical Left, and is held up as an example of “racism and xenophobia” in America – mainly because the government was unable to prove he actually transmitted data that allowed China to embark on a massive upgrade of its nuclear weapons program.

I’ve passed this story along to you , so you can see for yourself whether it is ever reported in the Mainstream Media – other than as an “oh-by-the way” squib printed next to the classified ads , or a brief mention on the telly.

Meanwhile, as the Media is fond of reminding us, we should all concentrate on ways to tear down the Administration , and not let ourselves be diverted and distracted by a few Chinese pranks.

Oh: By the way , don’t forget to do your holiday shopping at Walmart,and other fine purveyors of Chinese goods !

PS: Here's more information - from South China Daily,which has published more-so far- than the New York Times !

Monday, November 07, 2005

Ignoring the Chinese Tiger

Do you ever watch nature documentaries ? Remember this one ?

There’s a herd of red deer , and it’s mating season, so all of the herd bucks start squabbling over who is going to have first dibs at the does.

They lock horns and scuffle – with everybody trying to drive off the reigning buck , while the does watch, and cheer on their favorites.

Meanwhile , in the trees , a little bird sees something, and starts squawking : “Tiger ! Tiger ! Tiger ! “

The herd ignores the warning cries. “Stupid bird !” , someone mutters.
“Always trying to divert and misdirect us when we’re busy deciding important things !”

As the herd concentrates on the scuffle , a tiger emerges from hiding, puts the snag on a carefully-selected doe, and trots off with her….as the scuffle for dominance continues unabated.

Something of the same sort has been going on in our own “political jungle”.

Political “herd bulls” are struggling to bring down the Bush presidency , while the Media cheers them on. Every thrust-every parry-every wound is reported gleefully ; but the soft footsteps of the approaching Chinese Tiger are ignored.

The Tiger has been very,VERY busy !

In 1997, China leased key portions of the Panama Canal , through its holding company-Hutchison Whampoa ( also known as Hutchison Port Holdings). These 50 year leases allow China to close off portions of the Canal , and include vast warehouse facilities that can be used for “dual purposes” ; e.g: storage of normal trade goods and/or nuclear weapons.

As of the end of 2000, China’s Panama trade was at 1.2 billion dollars-no small sum – and, on 12-06-01,Panama agreed to additional trade concessions – including the free exchange of “visiters, traders, and entrepreneurs” ( read Chinese intelligence agents.)

On 11-23-03, China entered into a new agreement with Cuba. China agreed to bail out the financially strapped “people’s democracy”, in exchange for highly specialized bio-technical assistance, and the establishment of a Chinese electronic listening post 90 miles away from Miami.

China invested heavily in Cuba’s Nickel mines –in exchange for the right to sell millions of TV sets to Cuba , and (more alarmingly) the right to set up schools where the Cuban population could learn to read,write,and speak Chinese.

On 11-05-05 , Cuba and China set up a military assistance pact – the details of which have not been published.

Across the globe, China has already established a brisk African trade: petroleum, uranium ,minerals, and other raw materials flow out from
Nigeria,Ethiopia,Tanzania,Sudan,Rwanda,Uganda,Cape Verde, and Mauritania , while a steady supply of Chinese weapons – including helicopters and fighting vehicles-flows in to the starving natives – who,unsurprisingly, have begun to export Communist revolution to their neighbors.

On 1-30-05 , China entered trade agreements with “socialist” Venezuela. In exchange for petroleum, China agreed to build a railroad,and to set up satellites and radar outposts along the Venezuelan borders – especially the border of Colombia (which Venezuela has been trying to subvert and swallow up.) China has also supplied weapons of all sorts – 2 to 3 times what the Venezuelan military could possibly use – and it is quite probable they will be used to spread Maoism ( I guess you’d have to call it “Che-ism”) to Venezuela’s neighbors.

On 9-13-05, China signed several bilateral trade agreements with Mexico , which include heavy investment in Mexico’s raw material production facilities,oil fields, and the like.

On 10-25-05, China began discussing additional trade agreements with Chile. Chile is to furnish copper – which China needs, and is to receive Chinese goods in return.

Chile already does almost $ 25 million a year in trade with China,but would like to get her hands on the sort of Chinese goods that guerillas like to carry into battle. (Che is very much “in” in Latin America. )

None of these stories is particularly exciting – if considered alone.

(That may be part of the reason the Mainstream Media doesn’t bother to report them ; that, and the fact you have to dig a bit. I found most of these stories in People’s Daily, New China News ,and the Cuban press.)

It is only when you look at them in series that a pattern begins to emerge : China has been very busy , indeed . At the rate she is going,the Chinese Tiger will soon have Asia,South America, Central America , and Africa clutched tightly between her paws.

Looking at the news reports, it’s obvious the Media is blissfully unaware of the stalking Tiger.

Last week, for example, when thousands of demonstrators –carrying Che Guevara banners and other obviously Marxist signs – thronged the streets of Buenos Aires to protest President Bush’s Free Trade conference, they were “carrying water” for their Chinese sponsors –who want no competition for trade on “their” new turf.

The Media should have known this, but was content to describe the demonstrations (rather approvingly) as “anti-war, anti-Bush protests”.

During press conferences, the only topics they wanted to talk about were “Plame-gate”, Karl Rove, and poll ratings. “Mr. President !
Mr. President : Aren’t you ready to resign yet ? “

Challenges are bellowed. Antlers rattle, and the earth is pawed.
The Chinese Tiger smiles as it contemplates which member of the herd to carry off next.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Something Interesting in the Washington Post

Contained in a column that “scolds” President Bush in The Washington Post was some rather interesting information.

I have excerpted the paragraphs of Jim Hoagland’s Op-Ed piece that caught my eye:

“One lesson available in this story is that amateurs are no match for the CIA in disinformation campaigns. The spies are far better at operating in the shadows than you politicians will ever be. They have a license to dissemble.

The hidden management of the criminal justice process and the news media practiced by spooks in Wilson-Rove-Libbygate is nothing short of brilliant. So you were right to fear the agency. Where else do you think the one-page crime report that triggered the investigation and then the pressure-building leaks disclosing its existence came from?

Fear probably caused you to keep the Clinton-appointed leadership in place at the CIA long after some of its top operatives mounted a rebellion against the White House, in part to shift attention from their failures to yours. I know that George Tenet charmed you, and the rest of us. That's what spies and spymasters do, sir. You should have been taking that into account.”

What is Mr. Hoagland trying to say ?

Is he suggesting the CIA, in an effort to shift attention from their failures,deliberately fed false information to the administration , then waited until the administration acted on the information before admitting it was false ?

Did the CIA make a deliberate attempt to influence the 2004 elections ,in an effort to unseat George Bush ?

Is it-even now- attempting to disrupt , and, if possible unseat , the Bush administration ?

Mr. Hoagland seems to be suggesting such a scenario is common knowledge in Washington.

I wonder who his sources are !