Sunday, November 20, 2005

Chinese Concealment of Dangerous Influenza Variant

This is a story that has leaked-in dribs and drabs- out of China over the last two years ; and that has been kept alive ( barely ) by a dedicated virologist : Dr. Henry L. Niman – late of Harvard Medical School- more recently, the president of Recombinomics, Inc.,which specializes in the use of recombinant DNA materials for medical treatment.

This link will tell you a little about Dr. Niman :

Dr. Niman has been warning about the growing danger of Avian Influenza ,and its potential for worldwide pandemic – but few have been willing to listen.

He has also referred to what seems a determined effort by the Chinese government to suppress information about how bad the situation actually is in that country.

One of Dr. Niman’s sources of information as to events in China has been the Boxun Network: a group of incredibly courageous dissidents,who smuggle information out of China via Internet. Those who are caught are usually beaten and imprisoned for lengthy terms.
A few have “disappeared” after being taken into custody.

In July ,2005, some material relating to Chinese concealment surfaced in a more “mainstream” publication –and was picked up in a Yale Global bulletin.

The information related to a probable variant of “bird flu” , which the Chinese passed off (successfully) as “ Streptococcus suis” – a bacterial ailment which can produce similar symptoms , but which is so rare in humans as to be almost unheard of.

Dr. Niman also commented on it :

As you probably know, in September , 2005, President Bush helped set up a 16 nation group to prepare for possible Pandemic Flu.

It is a difficult task – made more so – by the obsessive secrecy of the Chinese. Instead of turning over viral specimens to the WHO, they have destroyed them ;and have blocked WHO access to patients and accurate information.

There is some speculation China – which recently lavished huge amounts of money on Cuba, in exchange for Cuban expertise in the field of recombinant bio-technology – may be trying corner the market on effective flu vaccines : a move that could put both nations “in the catbird seat” for quite some time to come.{CA3DBBE2-4A6A-4628-9988-59744DB0CF46}&language=EN

Having that kind of edge might well inspire considerable secrecy !


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